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Birthday List for School Age Kids

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Default Birthday List for School Age Kids

Post the info and we'll get a list going.

Give us the name, birthdate with year.

Braedon - 1/24/2005
Christine 1/5/2002

Adrianna - 2/2003
Leanna - 2/23/2001

Ryan - 3/10/2002
Brent - 3/14/2002
Kayleigh 3/20/2003
Charlotte 3/9/2005

Ashlee - 4/1995
Emily- 4/5/2003
Joshua - 4/14/2005
Skye - 4/26/2002
Sarah 4/29/2003

Nick - 5/26/2005
Nicole - 5/13/2003
Tyler - 5/28/2003

Peyton - 6/30/2004
Milo - 6/28/2005
Ashley - 6/13/2005

Anthony - 7/1997

TJ - 8/11/2004

Ilijana - 9/19/2003
Ryan - 9/3/2004
Nate - 9/2/2005
Parker - 9/27/2005
Colin - 9/5/2004

Natalee- 10/21/2001
Joe - 10/20/2002
Kaitlyn - 10/2/2004


Aryiana- 11/30/2001

Brooke - 12/30/2003
Alexis - 12/12/2003
Douglas - 12/31/2004
Rachel - 12/21/1998

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Ava - September 7, 2005.
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