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Brendan was so tired yesterday

Brendan was so tired yesterday

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  • lauritagoddess lauritagoddess's Avatar 03-13-07 | 06:52 AM
  • He had been up during the night "drawing numbers" as he told me. He was so cranky and nasty by the time I picked him up. He told me he didn't like me or want to go home with me. And then I was able to pick up the keys to the new apartment and wanted to drop off some stuff I'd bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target on Sunday and he refused to get out of the booster seat. I put him to bed early last night and I'm hoping today is a better day.

    He was excited though because his class made a big group art project together yesterday and they're going to raffle it off on Thursday when there's parent conferences and one family from the class will get to take it home. He's convinced we're going to win it. I'm pretty sure it must be a rainbow since it's rainbow week at school, but am I a bad mother if I hope we don't win it, since it's just something else we'd have to pack and move.
  • mama2skyetj mama2skyetj's Avatar 03-13-07 | 07:19 AM
  • Well I'm glad he went to bed early for you I hate when they're that tired and cranky. Oh and if you think your a bad mother for not wanting to win let me ask you how many of his projects from school do you save? Me nothing it goes on the fridge for about a week then its tossed now theres a bad Mommy.
  • lauritagoddess lauritagoddess's Avatar 03-13-07 | 08:12 PM
  • I had saved everything from school, and that's alot since the teacher sends home every single piece of paper or worksheet they do in school. Last week I sat with Brendan and we went through it all and just saved the things we both liked. Since last week I've just been dumping the stuff he brings home straight in the recycling, lol.

    And today, he told me he wants to be with me all day all the time. Fickle little boy isn't he.