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Crappy day at work

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  • lauritagoddess lauritagoddess's Avatar 07-18-06 | 08:50 PM
  • I made a mistake on one decision I wrote at work by accidentally putting another person's claim number on a couple of pages of the decision. It was no big deal and it was a minor error. But my insane boss, the one who I left the management position because of 2.5 years ago, decided that my immediate supervisor and I would have to review the last 6 months of my work to see if there were any other errors. She's so evil and nasty. I'm one of the hardest workers in that office and one of the best and even after all this time she's looking to find something to get me in trouble about. So I had to spend a whole day showing that there was nothing wrong with my work and got nothing else done. I need to get out of that place, either that or start drinking while I'm there, lol.
  • *Lisa* *Lisa*'s Avatar 07-18-06 | 09:02 PM
  • wow what is so bad in her life that she has to be an evil micro managing *****? She must have some personal monsters. I am sorry you have to be on the receiving end of it
  • Alisha Alisha's Avatar 07-18-06 | 09:08 PM
  • I think a nice glass of Barrister Red wine at work sounds like a great idea! LMAO I know exactly how you feel and lets hope she get a transfer to the to Siberia!
  • mama2skyetj mama2skyetj's Avatar 07-18-06 | 09:18 PM
  • Oh Laura I am so sorry that you are still dealing with that witch with a b. I hope that your other supervisors wake up and see how spiteful she is being