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Five Ways Working Parents Can Still Get Involved In School Activities

Five Ways Working Parents Can Still Get Involved In School Activities

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  • ramonamills 01-29-19 | 12:49 PM
  • As an australia essay writing company president and working mother of two I know the challenges that many parents face when they work and can’t get involved in all the school activities they would like to. Fortunately, I work part-time and have a very flexible job that allows me to get to the daytime events that I don’t want to miss. However, there are a lot of parents at our school that don’t have that luxury. As a PTO President I want parents to feel like they are helping make their child’s elementary years the best they can be so I have come up with ways that everyone can be involved. If your school has a PTO or PTA maybe these ideas will help them get more parents involved in new ways as well.


    Many people get turned off by fundraising and at some schools it feels like that’s all you are ever asked to do. Our school has around 800 kids and we do one fundraiser and that’s it. We make sure all the parents know that this will be the only fundraiser we do all year and if everyone participates the rewards will be experienced all year long. We sell Little Caesar Pizza Kits and for the last four years we have made over $14,000 in profit, each year. Parents like the fundraiser because it is easy and most people like to buy pizza; it’s money they have already budgeted in their food budget. Busy working families love that they can buy pizzas to help the school and it is a quick and easy dinner for them. The money raised pays for a $3 Christmas gift for every child, a $5 book for every child at the book fair, a huge Fun Day celebration at the end of the school year, a $25 spending account for each teacher, and other small events throughout the year.

    Collecting Box Tops

    Box Tops for Education allows you to cut special box tops off common grocery items and turn each one in for ten cents. Collecting box tops is easy and fun. The company offers educational sheets to put the box tops on that have mazes, math problems, or other fun items to color. Some schools have a contest to see which class collects the most box tops. You can collect box tops all year as a fundraiser or you can do it for one special activity or item. The money you collect is sent to you as a check and there are no restrictions on how it can be spent. If you have parents that work during the day but still want to be involved, allow them to count and sort the box tops from home in the evening. You could also use the money you raise from box tops to buy new games and art supplies. Buy a Walmart gift card with your box top money and then give the gift card to a parent to buy items over the weekend. Not everything that benefits the school has to happen during the day!

    Making Phone Calls

    Making the phone calls for events takes more time then the actual event sometimes. If you have a parents that can’t help during the day, maybe they are willing to make phone calls in the evening or on the weekend to schedule parents that can help during the day. Many PTO officers get burnt out quickly because they don’t let parents help with easy tasks such as making phone calls. You can give the parent making the phone calls a list of names and numbers as well as a script of what to say. All our parents that make phone calls for events work and like that they have some way to help even if they can’t physically be there for the event.

    Manage a Facebook Group or Website

    PTO groups can set up a group on Facebook or create their own free website through website constructor. Both are great ways to keep all parents informed, however someone has to keep up with the updating. Again, this is something that can be done at any time of the day and for most schools would only need to be updated monthly. You could even assign a different parent to each month if you wanted to get more people involved. You would need to have an initial meeting with the parents who would want to do this and go over guidelines and rules. If you are still not comfortable with giving over this level of responsibility, allow the parent to type information about events and activities and e-mail them to a PTO officer to review and post.

    Plan Ahead

    At the beginning of the year we send home a list of all the events that will occur at the school that will need parent volunteers. We also have the dates planned for all the events. We allow parents to check off the events they are interested in helping with or willing to help set-up for. By giving parents this information on the first day of school, parents can plan ahead and if they have vacation days they can schedule ahead at work to use one or two for the events they really want to help with. If you only give parents a month’s notice for activities they will likely be unable to help and get frustrated.

    Aesop said, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” If you want to have a school that involves every parent, you need to look for small ways that everyone can be involved at all hours of the day. Most parents will help if you ask or give the right opportunities. We don’t get a lot of parents at our PTO meetings and sometimes we do struggle to get enough volunteers for every event. However, we have used the tips I have mentioned here and have seen that at the end of the school year we have a quite a big list of parents that helped at least once in some way throughout the year. Our parents also see all the great things the students get from our hard work and the smiles on their faces makes it all worth it!

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