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Hamming it up

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  • wagnerkr wagnerkr's Avatar 03-14-08 | 10:04 PM
  • We took Lucas last night to get measured/fitted for his tux for the wedding in 3 weeks. He was such a hoot & I wish I'd had my camera with me.
    The shirt they tried him in was really big - long in the sleeves and body, but was the right size in the neck. DH had him in the fitting room (which is to one side of the main entry area where everyone could see and hear) and I hear DH call out "the shirt's too big!" So the lady said to send him out and he comes zipping out in his little pull ups and this huge shirt that reminds me of the old style men's night shirt that like hangs to the knees
    Next he put on the trousers and shoes along with the shirt and that helped by having the shirt tucked in. To fit the jacket the lady had him outside the room and was telling him how handsome he was and asked if he was going to take her to the prom. Next thing I know he leans over and gives the lady a kiss on the cheek. Awe.
    He kept saying he wanted to see himself and the lady had already taken the jacket back off when he went tearing into the adjoining room that has the big viewing mirror with the little platform in front. He pushed his way past all these other guys who were in there and jumped up on the platform so he could see himself in the mirror. Once she figured out that's what he had meant she and DH went in with him and she put the jacket back on so he could see the whole effect. There must have been like 10 other people in the room so I didn't even try to follow, but he had everybody in the store totally cracking up.