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  • jbelle jbelle's Avatar 06-10-08 | 03:42 PM
  • How is everyone. I'm just browsing...catching up and seeing how everyone is doing.

    I have been so busy for the past three months. My jazz class went competitive this year. We went to Waterford Michigan and Battle Creek Michigan for the competitions. We placed fiirst and second place receiveing Platinum both times (the highest scoring category) with scores of 263/300 and 88/90. It was pretty exciting. I had a blast. Had two great travelling partners and we did lots of shopping too! Our recital weekend went very well also with My sisters dancing in the recreational jazz class and my niece and Erin dancing in their respective jazz/ballet combo classes. What a rush! I have to decide whether I want to continue in the competitive jazz class or take recreational tap and jazz. I have until next week to make up my mind. Still not sure what to do...

    This past weekend was my highschool reunion. Wine and Chees, Mass and Brunch. It was very nice!

    Erin is well. Will be finishing JK in a couple of weeks. She so grown up! Talks so grown up!

    Natalie has quite the little personality. She talks just as well/much as Erin did at this age, but she is more shy. Erin isn't shy at all. Will speak to pretty much anyone.

    Mark is extremely busy with work...I'm hoping that slows down soon. But, I don't think it will considering he took on another job helping out a friend with his videography buisness. Should be interesting considering I work on Saturdays.

    Work is going well. The salon is officially now called Catherine's. The name changed about a month ago. The former owners retired in Dec and seeing as Catherine has owned teh salon for almost a year and a half, its about time.

    I'm finally getting a chance to sit at the computer while Natalie is sleeping.

    I'm totally psyched for NKOTB's return. Seeing as I've been a "Blockhead" and "Braveheart" for 20 years now, it is so exciting to be able to go and see them in concert again. I have Five Star VIP tickets for one of the Toronto shows. Sooo very excited!

    Well, that has been my life in a nutshell---along with sick children, organizing daycare schedules (esp. since they are at different daycares and school will be out soon) and day-to-day living.

    it's nice to be able just to sit and not worry about anything.

    Miss you all and I really do think of you often.
  • **Michele** **Michele**'s Avatar 06-10-08 | 03:57 PM
  • !!!!JEN!!!!!

    OMG girl youve been a stranger too long!!!!

    Sounds like life is treating you well aand everything is going great i am so happy to hear from you.

    You gotta stick around

    I wanna see pics too
  • jbelle jbelle's Avatar 06-10-08 | 04:00 PM
  • I'm working on the pictures, promise! My girls have changed alot...especially Natalie. Our camera was stolen about a month ago and we just got a new one...

    I promise I'm going to try hard to be around more.
  • AmyW AmyW's Avatar 06-10-08 | 04:46 PM
  • We have missed you so much Jen! I am so glad to see you on here! I am so happy to hear that you and your family are doing so well. I can't wait to see all the pics of the girls. I know they have grown so much and are so cute.

    I love your new avatar pic. Is that Natalie in your pic with you? She looks so much like Erin. They could be twins.

    I bet your jazz class is so much fun. You need to post some pics from your competition if you have any. I would love to see them.

    I hope you are able to post more often. We sure have missed you!
  • ~Bobbi~ ~Bobbi~'s Avatar 06-10-08 | 04:48 PM
  • Nice to hear from you again Jen! You sound really busy and like you are having tons of fun! I'm really happy for you. I can't wait to see your new pictures of the girls! You look like you've lost weight from the pics. Miss you!

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