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Red face I Need a Valium

So, Hannah was home from school today because we got a tiny dusting of snow this morning I guess the roads were icy so that is probably why.

As I have mentioned in the past, Hannah found these lizards. We also have 2 hermit crabs and I thought it would be perfect for them to coexist until it gets warmer and Hannah can let the lizards go.

They were doing perfect until Miss Gillian knocked the ten gallon glass aquarium that they were in, over. I heard this huge crash and went up to find glass, sand, water, basically a major major mess. At least there were no fatalities. I really thought that one of the lizards was dead because it was belly up under it all, but it must have just been trapped.

It took me an hour to clean it up and I have cuts all over my hands I swear this is the last straw with her. She has been so horrible lately. I find drawings on the walls on a daily basis.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Hannah spent the night over the neigbors house on Saturday night and came home with her eyelashes cut almost completely off. She says that they did to her while she was sleeping. Of course they deny it She just won't be spending the night there anymore.

We bought some new livingroom furniture. A couch and oversized chair and ottoman. We got it at American Signature. I just love that place It was supposed to be delivered today and they called to tell me that they would only be delivering the chair and ottoman because the couch has a huge tear in it So now I have a miss matched living room. Damien was out of town and the furniture people aren't allowed to touch any existing furniture so Hannah and I had to drag my loveseat out to the garage. I guess it is a good thing that the couch didn't come. There is no way I would have been able to get the couch out.

Damien is back now so we can get the couch out before the new one comes.
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They CUT HER EYELASHES? That is just wrong! I can't believe they did that, how scary they could have poked her eye out
you sound like you need a nice glass of wine, some chocolates and a big hug.
I'm glad the lizards and crab were ok

Sounds like Gillian is keeping you busy.
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when I was a kid, I cut my sister's eyelashes
but I think I was a bit younger than Hannah.

I guess Gillian is one of those kids that needs an eye on her 24-7.
Sarah was like that. she wasn't allowed anything that you could write with in her room, nothing anywhere close to scissors, etc.
Even still, she ripped books and tore the stickers/decals off all the toys if you left her alone.
but gosh dang it, she needed to be alone in her own room for quiet time, kwim? The rest of the day, she's got my eagle eye on her (and Andrew) because even still today, there's no telling what she'll do if I leave her to her own devices for even a moment.
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OMG I can't believe they cut her eyelashes. That is so scary.

It sounds like you need a big break.

Gillian sounds like a handful and that must be so hard not being able to take your eye off her.

I was so lucky with Kayleigh when she was younger because she didn't get into much until she turned 3 1/2 -4 then she was into everything.

I hope you get your new couch soon that is a bummer about the tear in the other one.
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I'd be pretty TICKED if someone cut my kids eyelashes too... I'm glad they didn't get her EYE... but STILL... c'mon, they're WAAAAY old enough to know better than that.

I agree that you need some chocolate & wine! You need some "mommy time out" time!! Maybe Damian could take the kids out for McDonalds & a movie while you stay HOME!!

Gillian sounds like a REEAAAAL handful!! Andre is/was similar... and some days he's lucky he made it to 3yo.....
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