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Janet (Spencersmom)

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  • grama2ruth grama2ruth's Avatar 07-15-05 | 07:28 PM
  • Thanks for asking about Mitch. He has been fitted for 2 different CCAP machines. One with the mask and the other made to go right up his nose.Unfortunately he is a very restless sleeper and he rips them off in his sleep. Plus he says the one that goes up the nose really burns. I'm just really glad we were able to use them for a trial period before commiting to buying them. $3000 a pop can get a little expensive if you kwim. The tests on monday were to see what was actualy happening when he slept. What they have concluded is that when he sleeps on his back his jaw falls back and causes that little ball hangey thingy (don't know the proper name for it) that is in the back of the throat to block his air passage. So now the Dr is talking about sending him to a dental specialist to have a mouth piece made for him to stop his jaw from moving in his sleep. If that doesn't work they are talking surgery, to remove the ball hangy thingy that hangs in the back of his throat and possibly jaw surgery. Oh and did I mention that he has to loose 70-80lbs too. Lets just say he's not a happy camper.
  • mama2skyetj mama2skyetj's Avatar 07-15-05 | 09:21 PM
  • oh no the poor guy. i hope everythign works out for the best
  • ~Sonya~ ~Sonya~'s Avatar 07-15-05 | 09:21 PM
  • I know how you feel, but it will make such a difference in his life. Both my Dad and my DH had the CPAP machine and it worked miracles for them. But since they have both lost the weight, they don't need it anymore. And it is so wonderful to not be awoken by my DH's snoring anymore. to your DH LAwrie!
  • Spencersmom Spencersmom's Avatar 07-17-05 | 02:37 PM
  • I don't remember the little ball hangy thingy name either...I used to know it :hmm: I hope the dentist can offer some relief for Mitch, having your sleep patterns interrupted can be so trying. I know when Brian went for his sleep studies they determined his apnea was so severe he was stopping breathing on average 1x per minute...yes, 60 x an hour This of course put him at risk of heart disease & stroke which of course was like...oh, so if I survive the cancer then I'll have a heart attack because of my snoring? He is much better after wearing the machine a night but he doesn't like it...whenever he grumbles about not wearing it I remind him about the risk to his heart and his 3 boys...guilt can be a marvelous thing!