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jennifer and bethann.....gabe's birth

jennifer and bethann.....gabe's birth

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  • smking17 02-29-08 | 11:40 AM
  • So funny that you don't remember that whole story - Bethann, I think you were a little busy at the time

    Here's the quick version:
    It really is such a blur now, but looking back it was an amazingly traumatic ordeal. We were at GWU hospital (the closest hosptial to our hotel). In the end, GWU ended up having a higher level NICU than our home hospital would have had, so we were in good hands. The Dr thing was's a teaching hospital so I had SO many Dr's, interns, residents, chief residents, who knows who checking me and Gabriel out. My poor OB practice at home never could figure out what happened - they global bill for the entire pregnancy and birth and PP appt and they never actually billed for any of my appts! I still feel guilty about that one, except that we did rack up over $60K in L&D and NICU bills in DC (I ended up having to pay only a $200 co-pay for me and a $200 co-pay for Gabe for the hospital admissions, since they accepted my insurance).

    They released me after 2 days, but kept Gabe for 2 weeks, so we were in a hotel going back and forth every day for feedings, found a place to rent a breast pump from, etc. The other part was that we had left Sophie with our DCP for the few days we were supposed to be at the conference, so she ended up with Wanda for a week! My mom flew down to DC the minute she heard I was in the hospital and stayed for a week - I don't know how many times she ended up delaying her return. Then my sister flew in to DC, so that DP could fly home to finish up her work and get Sophie, and then Sophie flew home with my sister to Atlanta and stayed with her for another week. Once we were out of the hospital my sister drove Sophie 9 hours home to our house! We got home on Dec 21st or 22nd.... It was so hard on my sister and mom - we all feel like we lost a month of our lives. Christmas cards never went out, presents were late, parties and events were missed.

    I was 32 weeks along and I had visited my OB the day before I left and he said that everything looked good, and that for such a short flight (1 hour, direct), he wasn't concerned. I really had NO idea that that would happen - I wasn't particularly stressed, Drs insist that flying didn't do it, that it usually is just that you have an infection, but we'll never know why my water broke. Looking back, I did remember that I had had some vaginal discomfort in the several days leading up to the event, and I wonder if I had an infection of some sort, but by the same token, but dad's mother had a similar track record of early births. My dad was born at 7 months in 1942 and I have lots of my father's genes...

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  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 02-29-08 | 11:51 AM
  • OK.. I DO remember this.. I think I just forgot about the being out of state part.. but I remember all the driving etc.