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Know anything about IUDs??

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  • MichelleandtheBoys MichelleandtheBoys's Avatar 03-01-05 | 01:28 PM
  • I have been having EXTREMELY heavy periods since Aidan was born, even worse this past year. My iron is really low. In September my Ferritin was 6, practically non-existent. Last week it was only 14 after taking iron pills every day. My doctor says I should get an IUD, which supposedly decreases bleeding by 90 percent and would also serve as birth control. The other option is an endometrial ablation which basically destroys the lining of your uterus and decreases bleeding as well, but I have to know I'm done having kids. I think I am, but I can't make that commitment yet, so it seems like I'm left with the IUD as my only option. She says they're much safer than in the past and totally recommends it, but it kind of freaks me out to have that in there all the time. I mentioned the pill, which I took for 10 years before kids, but I have borderline high blood pressure and will be (gulp) 35 this September so she doesn't recommend it.

    Any advice?
  • mama2skyetj mama2skyetj's Avatar 03-01-05 | 01:54 PM
  • I'm thinking about getting a IUD also. I don't have that much info on it yet so I really got to research it. And I have to make sure my insurance will cover it.
  • ~Sonya~ ~Sonya~'s Avatar 03-01-05 | 04:26 PM
  • I really don't have any advice for you. Two years after I was born, my mother had to have an abortion because she had an IUD and her OB/GYN told her that if she continued with pregnancy, the effects on the baby and her would be so detrimental. This was over 30 years ago, so I am sure that they are much safer, but I have stayed away from them just because of that.
  • MichelleandtheBoys MichelleandtheBoys's Avatar 03-01-05 | 04:34 PM
  • Oh Sonya, that's terrible. My mother had to have a d & c because it got lost, so she's also against it. It's supposedly over 99% effective but that doesn't mean much if you're the one who gets pregnant and can't keep it.
  • *Lisa* *Lisa*'s Avatar 03-02-05 | 08:30 PM
  • I also have had wicked periods since meghan. I have hypertension so no BCP for me either. I will be getting the Mirena IUD, probably next month. The copay was $190 so I have been waiting til I had the extra $$ to spend for it. Its 99.9% effective, no maintenance, you never feel it, most women after 3-6 months have no period ! My girlfriend got it and she has had no periods in over a year, just random light spotting every few months. I look forward to getting it, the heavy periods are so bad and I have to actually carry around extra underwear to work when I have it b/c it is so vicious. The one thing i do not look forward to with it is that it has to be "installed" while you are having your period and your cervix is soft and partially open.... but hell we have had babies so I guess its no biggie My OB said its painless, some experience light period cramps right after...

    Oh and as for it getting lost... supposedly the older copper and flimsy plastic one's had the loss factor...but these new one's have like a 1/100,000 chance of that happening and the way the device is designed it doesnt actually get lost...just displaced...but it has a string attached to easily retrieve it if that ever happens. I was worried about that to...

    Good luck...I cannot wait to get it at this point. I hope you can make a decision you are comfortable with

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