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My baby is 5

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  • lauritagoddess lauritagoddess's Avatar 06-19-07 | 09:42 PM
  • I still can't wrap my mind around that. We had a really nice day together. I took off work and he came bounding into my room this morning and we played and cuddled awhile. I gave him his main present of a Game boy and a few games and then we were off to the Bronx Zoo. I haven't been there since I was in junior high school and I didn't remember it being so huge. We were there almost 4 hours and still didn't get to see alot of things. He did great. He never once complained about all the walking. I'm actually considering now not taking the stroller with us to Disney in August based on how he did today there. To my surprise, his favorite place was the Butterfly Garden. It was so lovely there. The butterflys were all over and he was able to touch alot of them. They also had a pond with koi in it there and Brendan just sat there watching the fish while the butterflys were landing around him. He also loved the bug carousel (you ride on bugs instead of horses), the mouse house and the monkey house, and the prairie dogs where you could pop up under plastic near them. He also loved the subway rides. He's never been in the bronx before and it was a long, long ride both ways, but he's just so train happy that he enjoyed every minute.

    When we got home we went into my parents so he could get his gifts from them. My mom bought out TRU and Target. They already bought him the bike and then got him so much stuff. I swear my mom must have spent 3 times what I did on him. His favorite was this enormous, and I mean enormous firetruck. But it's really nice It has a huge ladder and you can control it electronically, retracting and moving it around. My mom also got firefighters for it and people and animals to rescue. He played with that for almost an hour. He blew out a candle in a cupcake (he'll have a cake at his party on Saturday) and then read a whole bunch of knock knock jokes from a book my parents got him and crashed.

    But my baby is 5!!!

  • *Lisa* *Lisa*'s Avatar 06-19-07 | 09:55 PM
  • great day ! he sure looks happy so hard to believe these kids are turning 5! geez it seems we were all just pregnant and waiting to see who would go first bittersweet huh, glad u had such a nice day. as for stroller in disney...we are going to rent a double when we are there to save lugging one down, that way lauren can also jump in if she gets tired. i like the new stroller style they have. my friend just went last month and rented a double and she loved it. one tip she had was to bring a towel from the hotel room for them to sit on.
  • mama2skyetj mama2skyetj's Avatar 06-20-07 | 08:08 AM
  • Oh what a wonderful way to spend his birthday I have never been to that zoo. My brother went there for a field trip but when I was in that grade they had no field trip blah... Anyway I love the pictures but I saw the stye that poor kiddo it looks painful. But I'm so glad that you had such a great day. and I'm with you on the whole turning 5 thing. Then again I can't believe that TJ will be 3 in a couple months
  • Alisha Alisha's Avatar 06-20-07 | 10:15 AM
  • What great pics! Looks like you all really had a great time. I've been wanting to take Micah back to the zoo but I'm gonna have to wait until its not so humid and in the 90s. And Micah has gotten so tall that the stroller has been long gone and thankfully she does well with a lot of walking. He'll probably do better than you think and at least you won't have to worry about pushing a stroller around.
  • lauritagoddess lauritagoddess's Avatar 06-20-07 | 08:35 PM
  • Lisa, I had been debating whether to bring our old stroller or rent there if we needed it. We haven't used the stroller since last August at Disney and I'd love to not have to take it with us. But the one thing I like about having our own is that you don't have to try and find your stroller among the sea of identical Disney strollers. And it's nice to have it to keep stuff in even if no one's riding in it.

    Lori, the stye doesn't even look as bad as it used to. At least now it's just the stye, before it was the stye and was really swollen too. But, that's why he might need surgery.

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