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my back

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  • mama2skyetj mama2skyetj's Avatar 06-06-05 | 07:20 AM
  • I think I have a pinched nerve or something. In the morning when I wake up its ok but as the day goes on it really starts hurting and I've been taking motrin and it still hurts. Its weird its on my upper back on the left side almost towards the middle. I carry everything on my left side diaper bag, pocket book, Skye, TJ. So I'm wondering if thats why. For some reason I can't carry anything on my right side just not comfortable and the kids always seem to slip.
  • inluv4ever inluv4ever's Avatar 06-06-05 | 08:51 AM
  • I have disk degeneration and bulging disk. I have a hard time carrying anything or doing anything so I know where u are coming from and how much pain u are in. I'm so sorry u have to go thru this.
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 06-06-05 | 09:45 AM
  • Kids can he hard on your body that is for sure. My lower back has been hurting on and off since Ryan was born between carrying him around, bending over the crib, and climbing into the truck for the carseat. I just couldn't stand it anymore so I saw a chiropractor. Just wanted you to know you are not alone either! Hope you can find some relief soon!
  • MCKMN MCKMN's Avatar 06-06-05 | 11:16 AM
  • OOOOOO OUCHIE, I can throw my back out getting Laundry out of the dryer, Or even by just going too the bathroom *lol*.. If I move the wrong way.......WATCH OUT!! I feel ya hun, hopefully it eases up soon for you *hugs*....
  • donann donann's Avatar 06-06-05 | 01:37 PM
  • Missy....I throw my back out regularly too...ouch.

    Lori~~Sorry you are in pain. Are you able to sit with a heating pad on your back for a bit?? (I know that those moments are fleeting with two kids, but had to suggest it anyways). It could be a knot from carrying everything on the one side. Maybe if you ask really could give you a back rub.