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Room redo

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  • Patience Patience's Avatar 02-24-10 | 12:52 PM
  • Susan, you inspired me to redo Ilijana's room a bit. I just wanted something less "thematic" and something more girly. I am easing her into it with just changing the comforter for now. I found this on Overstock and just fell in love with the look (and the price).

    Milo's room seems so finished and hers just is a mish mash of princess stuff and Alice Wonderland stuff. The new Alice movie is coming out but all the stuff is so dark and gothic. Not kid appropriate at all.

    I'm going to mix the Alice things in with just a general tea party/tea cup feel.

    This weather and being stuck inside has me itching to redecorate. It really has me itching to move but redecorating is cheaper and easier and won't make my husband freak out.

  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 02-24-10 | 01:19 PM
  • Oh I love that it's so pretty!

    Randy was talking to Brooke again about moving her room this morning. She's so confused on how the furniture will get in the other room and Braedon's in her room. She's also worried that she will have to leave things behind in her old room. We need to pick a date and just get started.
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 02-24-10 | 01:26 PM
  • Awe, that is sweet that she is worried. Our kids are like that too. They saw a neighbor move and asked a thousand questions about how they were going to get all their stuff to the new place. The kids were really worried that they would have no beds or stuffed animals or clothes. I guess they thought it was like vacation and if it didn't fit in a suitcase or the van it wasn't going with them?!
  • FingersX FingersX's Avatar 02-24-10 | 02:13 PM
  • Ooooh, I love it! What a nice patchwork quilt ...very soft!!
  • Sheri Sheri's Avatar 02-27-10 | 11:06 AM
  • That's beautiful! Have fun decorating!!