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Default Still putting everything in his mouth

His teacher called over my mom when she picked him up today. She said she was going to wait to talk to me at the conferences in December, but some of the other teachers have commented on it and she wanted to discuss it now. He's been eating pencil erasers which I already knew about since all his pencils come home without the erasers, but he's also been eating crayons, paper and tissues. The paper and tissues don't surprise me either since he's been doing that at home too. And the crayons would explain the green poop he had last week and probably the diarrhea he had shortly after that. I'm at my wits end with this. I've told him that we're going to start doing a new chart and that if he doesn't eat things he's not supposed to, that he'll get presents. I'm sending in a note to his teacher today that my mom is going to check with her each day to see how he did. I'm hoping this might be an incentive to try and stop this. I also told him that any time he feels like eating something he shouldn't that he should cover his eyes for a few seconds and say "I won't eat that". Maybe this will help. My mom also told him if he didn't stop doing this he might have to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped.

I wonder if I should call the doctor and have him get some bloodwork. Some kids who eat inappropriate stuff have a condition called pica that can be caused by iron or other deficiences. He's never been iron decifient before that I know of, but you never know. You know I had just been talking to my mom yesterday morning how his kindergarten teacher had never had to call her over when she picked him up the way the pre-K teacher did alot, jinxed us didn't I? But then with the pre-K teacher, that had always been about his misbehaving and he's actually been very well-behaved this year, he hasn't gotten an X for misbehavior in school since the end of September. I just don't get this eating stuff. He's not stressed about anything. It did start around the same time as the putting things in his nose and ears so I thought it was related to that, but that's stopped, fx there. And it's definitely not like he's hungry, trust me he eats plenty, lol. Sigh....
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Big Hugs I have no idea why he is eating that stuff but I remember kids in elementary doing that. I hope the chart helps. I wish I had some other kind of advice for you. Keep us updated

But thats wonderful that behaviorally he is doing so well sounds like he is really enjoying school
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oh no that's no good What does he say when you ask him why he puts all these things in his mouth? Best to stop it now before he hurts himself with something. At least he is snacking on noon toxic objects Lauren has gotten so much better with this issue, but she still often puts things in her mouth and i have to remind her that its gross etc... meg is another story, she eats everything that isn't locked up she worries me because i cannot take my eyes off her. hope your plan of attack works laura and as for the dr. i definitley would check it out w/ him.
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