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Is it Sue? Is it Grandma??

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  • addygirl addygirl's Avatar 06-19-07 | 03:54 PM
  • WOW they DO pay attention....

    Aiden is very into trying to figure out family connections. Who's who? What connection is that to him, mommy, daddy, etc.

    So this is the conversation we had last week after having been to a b-day party the night before.

    Aiden: Do you have any brothers or sisters mommy?
    Me: Yes, 2 brothers and a sister...and I went on to name them..Uncle so and so..etc.
    Aiden: Oh, ya! OK!
    Aiden: Well then who is Grandma?
    Me: She's MY mommy.
    Aiden: Then WHY do you call her SUE??

    **For those of you that don't know, my mom and I have worked at the same place for almost 18 years now.**

    Me: :giggle: (this is very funny to me and my mom because mom HATES that I call her Sue. :giggle: But I started it very early in my career hoping others would see we have 2 very separate relationships...KWIM? Guess which one she answers to faster even in personal settings!!! SUE! ) WELLLL...and I tried to explain the work thing, but he quit listening.

    My mom got a HUGE giggle out of this story and said Aiden was her new hero. She doesn't mind it at all at work, but has razzed me for years to quit doing it after work hours/on the weekend. I just can't stop.

    I guess I would feel weird if Aiden or Raegan started calling me Amy. So his saying this really brought home my mom's feelings on all this.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 06-19-07 | 05:09 PM

  • that is a tough one.

    when I'm at church, I call my mom Mom, but then when I'm talking to other people about things, and I say things like "my mom is in charge" some people go and have no idea who my mom is so I feel like I need to say "Linda is in charge of that" so that it's a little more.. uh... clear for people.

    Andrew and Sarah are big on the association of names and titles too.
    it's always "mom, your husband said that I can ____"
    or "when can we go visit your mother and father in California"

    and of course, they're constantly reminding me 'Mom, your sister is Aunt Aleta' and so on and so forth.

    this past weekend, Andrew was yelling outside
    "Daddy! I don't want to sell the bowling game that Mommy's mother gave me!"
    my neighbors laughed because apparently, their 4 (almost 5) year old daughter uses those same terms too.
  • Emery Emery's Avatar 06-19-07 | 06:05 PM
  • that is funny.

    Kayleigh is into the association also. She will talk about how Grandma and Papa are Daddy's parents and Ed's sister is his sister. She knows my brother is her unlce and his wife is her Aunt and the cousins. What confuses her is my parents. She gets sad too which I find amazing. She'll say "I wish I could see your Mommy and Daddy too". I try and tell her that they watch her from heaven, but I don't go into it much at all because it will confuse her even more since she takes everything so literal.
  • Natascha Natascha's Avatar 06-19-07 | 07:21 PM
  • That's cute!

    My uncle calls my grandma by her first name. I always thought it was weird that he didn't call her mom.
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 06-19-07 | 11:29 PM
  • That's very cute!!

    Previously, my mother and I have taught classes together, and worked together, and it felt really unprofessional to call her "Mom" in those situations! Occasionally I will still call her "Pat"... usually it's to get her attention AND IT WORKS.

    My kids actually do that to ME sometimes. Especially when I'm not paying close enough attention...
    "Mooommm, Mooooommm... HEIDI!!!"
    Yeah, that gets me to look up alright! I don't think I knew my parents HAD names when I was 3 or 4yo!?!

    Wes is VERY into the who's who thing. He knows all the relations as well. "Uncle Jason is your brother Momma." He's known all the relations for quite a while. Andre couldn't care less!!

    Both of them will tattle on Dh to me...
    "Momma, Earl ate a piece of the special cake!"

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