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Question thumb sucking

Anyone have any experience with thumb sucking and blankies/snuggies?
Emily is 6 and still sucking away! She started when she was just weeks old. I tried her with a binky a few times but she wouldn't take to it like the other kids did.
Then when she was almost one, she started clinging to a blanket too. She's still dragging it around and needs it when she goes to bed or when we go away. ("where's snuggie, where's snuggie????") She gets really upset when I wash it.
My question is- how/when do I get her to give up the thumb sucking and blanket?
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I would suggest having the blanket stay in bed or in the car for a while (like several months) and tell her that if she needs her blanket, she can go sit on her bed.
that works for a while and then they decide that they really don't need the blanket because they're missing out on all the fun.

as for the thumb sucking.
DS was going to be a finger sucker but I insisted he take the pacifier. He didn't think he wanted it, but I insisted. I just had to find the right brand
still, he was tough to break of the pacifier. I had to leave that on the bed too for a long while and finally we told him that he had to get rid of them alltogether. (when he was 4 I think)

I think they sell a bitter something you can paint on fingers so they don't want to put them in the mouth.
You can also try putting bandaids on the thumb and just being really diligent about reminding her not to suck (after "the talk" ) if she still puts it in the mouth even with the bandaid.
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My nephew is 8 and still majorly sucks his thumb. He now is looking at orthodontics for his really damaged teeth. They are using the doctor prescribed bitter stuff and it is still so hard.

I think it is just going to get harder the longer it goes on. Maybe try talking to your ped for some advice.
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I have no advice since my kids didn't suck thumbs and I'm a mean butt and took the paci away at 6 months. Per my Pediatrician's recommendations.

As for the blanket we took that from Braedon when he was gosh around 1.5 because he was chewing on it at night. I just have the suck it up and deal with it attitude I just took it away and never gave it back. After 2 or 3 days he was totally fine.

Of course you can't remove their thumbs.
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As for the blankie, I would let her have it in bed as long as she wants it. She isnt hurting herself or anyone else by sleeping with a special blanket but I would make sure it stays in the bed. Maybe let her have it when you are in the car at first but dont let that go on too long. As for the thumb sucking, I have no idea cause none of my kids were thumb suckers but the bandaid did work for my nephew. It still took about a month to get him to stop trying but eventually it worked. Night time was the hardest cause he would put it in his mouth without realizing it and no one was there to stop him. My sister didnt want to put him to bed with a bandaid on cause she was afraid if he got it off he might choke on it. I dont know but I just wish you luck on your adventure. Please share what works when you finally accomplish it cause people are always asking for advice on this.
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