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What do your kids do for fun?

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Old 04-25-11, 11:46 PM
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Default What do your kids do for fun?

What hobbies do your children enjoy?

Dh and I are looking at this from a new perspective now that i've had my caffienated diet coke and we are realizing that we just have to keep trying things withthe kids and see what it is that *they* (not WE) enjoy doing. Of course, we'll still expose them to the things we like, but we want to widen our horizons too. So... let's hear it,what do your kids like doing when they're not in school?
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Old 04-26-11, 10:45 AM
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My two are like night and day. Milo loves to play his DS and his MP3 player. He writes lists of songs he likes and their artists and also makes up songs and "CD's" of his own. He loves his swimming class and misses his karate class a lot. He is a different kid with his Asperger's and and his extreme memory so his idea of fun is not typical in the least. LOL! Lately he has taken to dancing and writing "jingles" that he hopes will be on commercials.

Ilijana is my social girl. Her idea of fun is an 8 hour playdate with as many friends as possible. She loves to dance, draw, and play with her Squinkies and Zoobles. Lately she is drawing almost every day and has gotten quite good. She likes to read but only her fun books. School assigned books she drags her feet with, but put a Puppy Place or American Girl book in her hands and she won't stop.

She hates her swim lessons but LOVES her dance classes and any event where friends will be. She would take a class on anything, karate, hockey, tennis, she just wants to try it all (unless it involves water).

Not sure if that helped at all. LOL!
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Old 04-27-11, 06:57 PM
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My kids are difficult when it comes to keeping them happy. In the summer Skye and TJ are all about swimming. They also love going to the playground. Really anything that has to do with running they enjoy. Skye loves to also play with her toys by herself and make believe. TJ is all boy he loves not only video games but playing with action figures and nerf guns but he likes to play with other kids. Neither of them are into puzzles. Skye loves board games but TJ could care less about them. So I haven't been much help have I
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Old 04-27-11, 09:27 PM
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Nicole LOVES to be outside...Kaitlyn rather watch tv....normally when they are outside, they ride their bikes, go on the swingset do bubbles or chalk or ride the jeep.
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Old 04-28-11, 08:20 PM
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Sports are huge for my boys. They love baseball and football but will play anything from shooting hoops in the driveway to dodge ball. Brooke likes to play some games with the boys like dodge ball but she mainly is into dancing. She spends 99% of her life doing some sort of twirling or dancing moves.

All 3 of my kids are big swimmers, they enjoy the swim team and in our backyard pool. Friends are a huge part of their lives now, we have kids over here non stop and they are constantly going to playdate, spend the night parties and such.

Waterparks are big entertainment in the summer and the beach where all of them boogie board and skim board, Brent wants to learn to surf also but we'll have to see on that one. Brent is on the travel baseball team, Brooke is in competition dance and Braedon has been asked to try out for next year on the travel team and take special pitching lessons.
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