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I hate this Print Version

lauritagoddess 03-30-06 07:15 AM

I hate this
I took Brendan to the playground after we got home from the doctor yesterday. He didn't want to stay at the regular playground we go to. It's adjacent to an elementary school and we go there right when school let out so it was really crowded. He wanted to walk over to the next closest playground that's next to the junior high school. We get to the school and I see news vans all over and think oh crap, what happened, but there weren't any police cars so we walked on to the playground, which wasn't that crowded and we had a good time. And it was the first time the ice cream truck came around, definitely a sign it's spring. But when I got home, I watched the news and saw this story.

You know, this is the junior high school I went to and the one that Brendan is zoned for (but wouldn't go to, thank you catholic school). This was such a good school when I went there and it's still really a nice area to live in, but this stuff still happens. I hate that you could send your child to school and have to worry about crap like this.

mama2skyetj 03-30-06 07:22 AM

oh how scary. It is just soo scary the town I grew up in about 20 minutes from here is full of gangs now. That is one major reason that we moved didn't want our kids in that school district. It is really scary and what do you do if you can't afford private schools you know.

MichelleandtheBoys 03-30-06 09:42 AM

Wow, that's crazy. Thank God nobody got hurt!

Spencersmom 03-30-06 03:54 PM

Oh Laura, that is just so frightening. We moved from the city but Brian's boys are still there and unfortunatley crap like this does happen in Toronto. It is so horrible to live in a society where you have to fear babies with guns!

Beckamarie2 03-30-06 05:04 PM

Laura thats just crazy, school definately isnt what it was when we were kids