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savannah33 06-14-06 12:47 PM

Spicy food
I know we have some picky eaters here but as you all know Brent is definitely not (Brooke is my picky one).

Brent had a fit this morning when he saw me putting some hot banana peppers on a couple of slices of pizza I bought for my lunch (which I didn't eat. :lol: ) He loves them so much he told me he wanted them and I said I don't think they will taste good with your blueberry waffles and sausage. :laughing: He then told me he was eating pizza with peppers for dinner.

We'll see about that since we're having burritos tonight but even with that he loves hot peppers. He gets it honestly though Randy and I both eat them on everything. I think we go through a jar of jalapenos and hot banana peppers about once every 3 or 4 weeks. :eek6:

Laurie 06-14-06 12:56 PM

I remember you telling us that! I forgot how much Brent likes hot peppers! Neither one of my boys will touch them. Corey loves them and eats habenero peppers/or habenero hot sauce with almost every meal. I like some heat, but not that much heat.

Pumkin 06-14-06 12:57 PM

:lol: Haleigh will eat something a little spicy occasionally but most of the time she will then say it is too spicy. She used to eat it all the time and it didn't bother her :reye: Ciara, I'm not really sure because I'm afraid to try with her. She will probably like it though considering the amount of Franks Red Hot I ate when pg with her :lol:

savannah33 06-14-06 12:58 PM

:spit: Ruth that could be why Brent likes hot peppers. I think I ate mexican at least 3 times per week (spicy mexican)

I love the Habanero peppers and there was this fantastic sauce we got when in Jamacia called Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce :flame: Yummy!

Pumkin 06-14-06 01:02 PM

Have you ever heard of a catalog called More Hotta, more betta (or something to that affect)? Rob orders hot sauce from there and some of it you can barely put two or three drops on your food it is so hot. :flame: He loves the Habanero peppers too :lol: I eat a little of the Red Hot and I do put Tobasco in my chili. Oh and I love the banana peppers too. I get them on my tuna sandwich.. :lol: I don't go too crazy though