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Smile 6 Month Stats (kinda long)

Hi ladies!

I took Xavier for his 6 month check up today.. here are his stats:
Weight: 20 pounds 5 oz (90%)
Height: 26 inches (50%)
Head: 17 and 3/4 inches (25-50%)

I did express some concerns with his pedi. Xavier is not rolling over yet. She (his pedi) explained to me that Xavier has great muscle tone, its just that he's so solid and it takes more muscles to get him to roll over. She said he will roll in due time, but that if he's not rolling by 9 months, then we'll take the next step.

I also explained to her that he screams (no tears, just screams) the entire time I am working, except for when my mom (my sitter) is giving him either a jar of food, or a bottle, or if he's sleeping. I asked her what that could be, and she stated to me that it could be separation anxiety starting, but she said that it is normal and as he grows it should calm down. I explained to her what I had thought about what separation anxiety was, (crying for a brief amount of time after leaving), and she said that is correct, it just that some babies are unhappy the entire time that their parent is gone.

She also gave the go ahead for Juice for Xavier 1 to 3 oz a day, as he has problems pooping, and I told her that I didnt want to do suppositories at this time, and she said juice is the best bet to get him to go at this point in the game. So we'll do pear juice or apple juice, as he doesnt care much for prune juice (he drinks it, but not well.)

She also asked me what his bedtime routine was like, if he was going to sleep on his own, and I told her that no, he's not going to sleep on his own, that he is nursed and rocked to sleep. She said to try the Ferber Method, which is I put him in his crib drowsy, but awake, leave for 5 min, come back, check on him, console him etc, leave for 10, etc etc, and eventually he'll go to sleep on his own. ( I am going to start this tonight, as I need to transition him to his crib as he sleeps with me).

He got 4 shots, and he was a real trooper with those. He cried for as long as it took her to stick him with the needles, and once she pulled the last one out, and put his bandaids on, he was fine, he smiled at her even.

So, that's Xavier's update. Sorry so long!
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I dont know how he usually reacts with his shots but if he gets a fever or kinda cranky, tonight might not be the best time to try to make the move and start a new bedtime routine. You wanna do that when you know he is feeling well and all is good. Good Luck
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Thank you Mommy2KNIH!
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