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Adjusting to school 5 days a week?

Adjusting to school 5 days a week?

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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-22-04 | 09:38 AM
  • It doesn't seem to bother Rachel but I'm exhausted! I also don't like having to get her there by 8:30, which I know is later than many of yours.
    Sheesh I'm getting old
  • Diane1212 Diane1212's Avatar 09-22-04 | 11:47 AM
  • Connor was going to preschool 5 days a week so that parts not a big adjustment. But, we have to be there by 8:00, which is hard for me, and also Connor was still taking naps at preschool (can you believe it?) and now he's not and he's very tired by the end of the day!
  • BethandBrandon BethandBrandon's Avatar 09-22-04 | 02:22 PM
  • Sharyn... I have to get Brandon to school at 7:15 so I can get to work by 8:00. He starts at 7:45!

    Brandon has been fine and he was only going to school 2x a week previously. No biggie for me either since I have to get up and go to work every day anyway.
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-22-04 | 02:29 PM
  • Yeah I know its not even early. M biggest adjustment is that Rachel HAS to be there by 8:30 where before it wasn't a problem to wander in later so now I'm always in a rush. Its the rushing & pushing to get them ready that exhausts me I think!

    Diane, Rachel hasn't napped in years. They had to lay down for 2 hrs in preschool which was tough on her. In Kindy they still nap (or must lay down) but its only 1 hr. I'm surprised Connor's class doesn't take naps.
  • JoanneE JoanneE's Avatar 09-22-04 | 05:43 PM
  • Kaylie had preschool every day so it wasn't a hard change. What is hard this year is packing lunch for both kids, getting them both out the door, and so on! I'm trying to work out carpools with another mom which should help a lot.

    On the evening side, finding time for homework is hard with all the other activities.