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An Angry Toddler

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  • RB06227 03-02-15 | 10:25 AM
  • On two occasions now my angry little 2 and a half year old has reverted to hitting me when she didn't like my response to her request. I was so shocked that I didn't know how to respond. I remember saying , "no babe! We don't hit mommy. That's not nice." Hoping it doesn't happen again but any ideas on an effective response for this situation?
  • marlinweaver 04-01-15 | 07:26 AM
  • Sometimes, kids get so agressive when we didn't respond them and that would be the right time to make them understand. They need love and care, we should not respond badly when they do such things. They needs to be handled patiently. At that time, you respond immediately, they will stop doing it. Visit

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  • Robiny 05-05-15 | 01:11 PM
  • our almost 3 year old has had aggressive physical behavior towards children and adults for 2 years. We have tried the "nice" way. She's not getting it. Today she slapped her teacher in the face! At our wits end help
  • Brandon89 10-19-15 | 01:32 AM
  • At this age this children behavior changes from time to time. Identifying the early warning sign of anger sometime is good that children can express reaction to various things. Like this we parents aware of such things.
  • katrinarichs45 03-08-17 | 12:14 AM
  • This is the time children need special care and love. We can't respond to them rudely as it will affect them mentally. Also, I think parents are not supposed to fight when their children are around. It will have a negative impact on children. They will listen to you only when you say with love and affection.