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What size diaper? Pampers size 3

What size clothes? 12 months pants, 18 months everything else

Size shoe if they wear any yet? Still no shoes

What is their favorite food? Bananas!!!

Favorite toy? Like Lola, inappropriate things - the table lamp (just like his brother he likes to climb onto the end table and bang on the lampshade), the remote control, my laptop. He goes into the bathroom, unrolls the whole roll of toilet paper and sticks a few squares in his mouth for good measure. Yuck! You wouldn't believe the crap I've pulled out of that boy's mouth!

What's the most recent thing they learned to do? He's getting more confident walking, talking a few steps at a time now, instead of just one or two. I think he's going to be like Lola again. He's been standing alone and taking one or two steps at a time for over a month now, and I just know in the next week or two he's just going to start running everywhere. He's also clapping a lot and will do it in response if I do it. And he mimics me in the car too. If I make a sound to him, he'll try to repeat it back to me. It's hilarious.
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You know now that you've both said your babies like the remote control... it's so true! Chloe will go out of her way to get to the remote! We have an old one without batteries that we give to her to play with but she always seems to find the real one
DVD player.. ON!.... DVD player.. OFF!

She got ahold of the satellite tv remote at my in laws' house and was 1 step away from ordering PPV!
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another remote hog here
and only the real one will do..we have old remotes and they will not do plus my mobile phone is another magnet for her. She's already ruined one with drool so we need eyes in the back of our heads with her lately, she opens all the presses in the kitchen and is obsessed with the bin
even if I put a chair in front of it she pushes it out of the way with her walker and pulls at the binliner...its going to get worse isn't it?
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What size diaper? We just switched to pampers cruisers as he has had a nasty rash and was out of our new generation ones. So, we are in size 5 now and they fit great.

What size clothes?18-24 months is what fits the most comfortably.

Size shoe if they wear any yet?6-12 months Robeez, but I'm thinking of moving up a size, bc they are a bit tight around his ankle. No other shoes.

What is their favorite food?No more baby all. He spits it out if I try. He's going through a picky phase where he puts it in his mouth, then spits it out and throws it on the floor. He consistently likes fruit, especially bananas, pears and grapes (he loves frozen grapes and bananas). He DEVOURS italian food - pasta & lasagna. Also loves carrots. And anything sweet, which he hardly ever gets, but has had his fair share of icecream

Favorite toy? Non-toys here too! Loves my car keys, but I'm afraid his slobber will ruin the remote. Loves the bathroom - toilet, paper holder, toilet handle. I've had to wash his hands many times for getting in the toilet before it's been flushed (working on Alex to rememember EACH time). Anything we don't want him to have he really, really wants. As for real toys...BALLS. Loves them and actually rolls/throws the ball to me and we have a nice time at "catch."

What's the most recent thing they learned to do? Practicing standing with no support. He's taken a few steps, but doesn't quite have the balance or the confidence yet.

Anything else? He can do "Donald Duck" talk. It is so cute and he has this most amazing woody woodpecker laugh. It is adorable and hilarious!
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