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Default Coincidence??

Tonight My DH and I were talking and I can't remember how it got mentioned, but I said something about Everett being the Jolly Green Giant. My DH said that would be a great idea for Halloween! We'd just dye Everett green! Everett said "Daddy!" and put his head into my lap. I told my DH that Everett was embarrassed and if he knew how he'd have rolled his eyes

Then Everett sat up and pointed to the fake tree on one side of the room. I switched to toddler talk, "tree, the tree is green." Then he points to the other fake tree on the other side of the room. "Yes Everett, that's another green tree." Then he points to the focal point wall that is painted green. "yes, the wall is green too" I said. Then it dawns on me that he just pointed to the only 3 green things in the room!

I'm always amazed at what Everett does know, but could it be possible for a 15 month old to know his colors? I haven't worked directly with him on them, nor taught him the signs for colors. I do use colors to describe things when we are looking through books and playing.

I'll also mention Everett's newest trick. He picked up on the sign "my turn". Used it for the first time to tell DH that it was his turn to use the mouse at the computer. The serious look on his little face was priceless as he tried to explain that it was his turn now! He uses his sign all the time now. Mostly to try to express his baby rights to computer equipment, remotes, pens and other things he shouldn't have but he loves. He'll also use it when the girls aren't sharing their/his toys with him. It works pretty well then and they will include him more without me getting after them to share his toys with him!

He's getting so big! Its so true that every child seems to grow up even faster then their older siblings! He's also trying so hard to talk and express himself! Now if he could just figure out where his head is in relation to his body. He keeps doing signs behind his head instead of his face
Its taken a bit longer to figure out that cereal, cat, doll, bird and apple were understood, but just signed on the back of his head! And he always signs dog by patting my leg instead of his.

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I know it's possible that he knows his colors. My Marek at the same age could pick up toys of a given color out of the tub when I asked. At this age, they're not that great at expressing themselves verbally, but they know a ton.

Sounds like a smartie you've got there.
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Wow- that is awesome! And, adorable! Hope constantly amazes us with what she knows as well. One day I said toes and she just pointed to her toes- then I asked her where her ear was and she showed me- and she knows belly most of the time too! DH works alot with her one eyes, nose, mouth and ears, but we hadn't taught her toes or belly! The other night I asked her to bring me a coupon that had blown on the ground (our air has been cranking because it's been like 100 degrees here) and she crawled all the way across the room to bring it too me! It is so incredible! I love to hear the stories about the other babies- I think I will wait to teach Hope "my turn" lol.
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Oh, I definitely think it's possible for him to know his colors. Sarah knew all of her colors, shapes, and letters by about 18 months (she could point to them if I asked and sign most of them--her vocabulary didn't come on board until about 21 months).

Way to go, Everett! You'll make a great big brother to Alister in a few weeks!
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Joseph knows some colors too. We have a letter mat that he can pull the letters out of and he can give us the D, I, , S and J when we ask him.
My mom is a big believer in toys benig educational and fun so he knows lots of songs, letters and colors because thats the kind of toys and books he gets from her.
He is also following some simple two step directions like"Pick up the ice and put it in the sink" and "Pick up your cup and bring it to me."
My favorite thing that Joseph does right now is clap when the YOUR BABY CAN READ commercial comes on.

I think Everett definately knows colors if you are using them in description I love that he can use my turn with his sisters. Keep up the good work mama
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