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cows milk

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  • wantabelly wantabelly's Avatar 01-28-09 | 11:34 AM
  • I have switched Ethan over completely to cows milk as of last week when he gets a bottle. Otherwise he still nurses 1-3 times a day, depending if i am working. Anyone else on cow's milk yet, and if so, how is it working out? Ethan seems to be tolerating it just fine, thank goodness.
  • CarolleZ CarolleZ's Avatar 01-28-09 | 02:36 PM
  • Nope, Chloe's still on formula. We're going to be transitioning her to cow's milk once she turns 1.
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 01-28-09 | 02:46 PM
  • We're still on formula here too... we will throw a splash of cow's milk into her bottle sometimes and she even drank a little organic milk the other day... but I'll really start the transistion at 1 year.
  • holly302 01-28-09 | 03:06 PM
  • 100% cows milk here as of last week. only a day of transistioning. she drinks it from a sippy. she did get a tad constipated the first two days, but she has no problems what so ever now.

    now...if i can only get her to stop taking a sippy before bedtime
  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 01-28-09 | 04:19 PM
  • I'm hoping to trasition to cow's milk by 13 months. Preston has a follow up appointment with the gastroenterologist next Friday. So I'm going to ask about switching to cow's milk and his constipation issues. Hopefully that won't be too big of an issue!