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Does your Jinglebaby get allowance?

Does your Jinglebaby get allowance?

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  • JoanneE JoanneE's Avatar 10-01-04 | 01:58 PM
  • Does your Jinglebaby get allowance? Are chores required for it? Do you have requirements about saving, charity, etc.?

    Kaylie has been getting $1 per week for about 6 months. She spent $5 on a necklace charm and saved the rest. I think she has about $20 in her little wallet.

    We talked the other night about what she'll do with it. She said she thought she would buy something soon. I told her that I usually make a plan, and decide how much I'm going to give to other people who have less than I do, how much to give to family for presents, how much to save, and whatever is left is what I spend. I want to get the idea in her head that she should think about charity and saving in her budget. She agreed with me, but we'll see how it plays out!

    Kaylie doesn't have explicit chores, but is expected to keep her room reasonably neat and clear her place at the table. She won't get a raise in her allowance until she takes on more household responsibility.

  • DanJoshMom DanJoshMom's Avatar 10-01-04 | 02:01 PM
  • Daniel doesn't get an allowance and doesn't have to do anything special around the house. Although, he is really good about clearing the table and helping me clean if I ask.

    He does seem to get his bank filled by loose change we have sitting around. I'll usually split it between the two of them and they go and put it in their banks. I have no idea how much is actually in there.
  • janney janney's Avatar 10-01-04 | 02:27 PM
  • Alex gets $3.00 a week. He really doesn't have to do anything extra for that, but he has to bring home good grades, behave, clean his room, take dishes to the sink etc. He wants a raise, but I said no, not until we can come up with more home duties that he will do.

    Emma has never had an allowance but is asking for one (as a matter of fact, this came up last night). I think $1 a week will be the amount. She has $43 dollars in her piggy bank and now she wants to buy something! Of course I want her to save, save and save!
  • Diane1212 Diane1212's Avatar 10-01-04 | 05:11 PM
  • I was doing the sticker chart for a while, and he would get $2 at the end of the week if he had enough stickers. We have sort of let that slide, but I need to institute it again. He also saves his money, but loves to go to the dollar store. Also the other day the ice cream man came down our street, which is unusual, and Connor got out his money and bought ice cream for about 4 of the neighbor kids, which I though was nice.

    I really thought the sticker chart worked well, I need to start up again. Actually just yesterday I asked Connor to be in charge of feeding our dog, and he will get $1 per week for that, but I could add it to his sticker chart, as well. Also I have been mostly cleaning his room for him but he needs to start being more responsible for that.

    How do ya'll feel about giving money for good grades?
  • harquak harquak's Avatar 10-01-04 | 09:28 PM
  • Well we do have an allowance system for all three... This is also part of our discipline tactic believe it or not (anyone see or read 123 More Magic??)

    Anyway the kids are assigned tasks that they are capable of completing. If they accomplish a task they get a "piggy buck" - something I created on the computer and laminated and then cut out. At the end of the week they get their piggy bucks paid out in actual money. If they are not responsible enough to keep them in a safe place they still only get paid for the ones they bring back to us.. John and I decided that each piggy buck would be worth .25 - to this day we still have not paid out more than $4.00 in any given week - but it is usually around $3.00 - I require that they save a portion of this money and when they have enough saved we make a trip to the bank and they deposit it in their account. We have also used some of the money to purchase dog and cat food to take to the SPCA from time to time. The rest they can save up for little extras.

    Also as part of the rewards program the child with the most piggy bucks at the end of the week gets to choose the movie or game for family night. This in itself has become a HUGE incentive...

    Oh yes I should add an example of a chore for Joshua so you will understand how I work it at his age. Getting dress is a HUGE battle as is getting on his shoes - so each night I set out is clothes and in the morning if he gets dress by himself (with the exception of his socks) then he gets a piggy buck, or for helping me with laundry, or putting his dishes in the sink after meal time - that kind of thing...

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