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Dysphagia / Silent Aspiration 1 year old

Dysphagia / Silent Aspiration 1 year old

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  • CDNmama 12-15-15 | 01:00 PM
  • Hi there everyone,

    I'm new to the boards. I have a one year old son that has had breathing issues since birth due to poor cartilage formation and illnesses/phlegm/mucous and then swallowing issues that were noticed from 6 months forward when we started purees and solid foods, would cry, choke, throw up, avoid eating, hated his highchair and anything to do with solid food. Previous I was BF exclusively and continued til after he turned a year and quit on the advice of medical practitioner to rule out causes of his pneumonia and chest/sinus infections. (this was not a change I was in favour of but could not pump without nursing stimulation to supplement via thickened bottle)
    His issues to date a Silent aspiration as found on a video xray swallowing study done around 9 months old. Currently he chokes and vomits on anything more textured or solid than a smooth purée and everything liquid must be thickened to a honey consistency. And in addition he has very poor core strength and doesn't walk yet and get exhausted quickly when exerting himself.

    Just looking for anyone that has experienced with any of this to maybe have support or comparison, maybe even swap puree recipes :-) . We have seen many specialists to date and still have no "Why's"? answered.