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Eco - diapers/wipes

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  • ~babywanted~ ~babywanted~'s Avatar 05-10-08 | 12:33 PM
  • ALL the world's destruction? That's a lot of blame to take on holly
    I don't think you or anyone using dipaers are evil. I did it with the first one and it just finally hit my conscious. And, kelli, my DH and I's awareness on this issue is not on the same page either
    Blame it on Oprah. I watched her waste show a couple weeks ago and it just hit me. What I liked about the show is that they talked about choosing one thing to change. You don't have to do everything (like the cups, or plastic bottles or diapers or whatever you choose...there are so many little things we can do). That one thing makes a difference! Then, if and when I'm ready, I can do another thing and add to it as I'm able and ready. I still do alot of things that aren't earth conscious...and...I'm taking one small step. The reason I posted about it was because I really am surprised at how good these diapers are. I'm not much for being inconvenienced and while they are a bit more, it now feels good to make that investment. We all do what we NO GUILT!

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  • holly302 05-10-08 | 04:13 PM
  • thanks Laura...that makes me feel better!

    hey, i turn off lights in rooms that arent used...thats good right?
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 05-11-08 | 11:24 AM

    Holly, now if only my DH could do that too! My dad always used to take 50 cents off my sister and I's allowance if we left a room with the lights on. So now of course it's a habit for me, but when I come home and DH has been here alone, every light in the house is on!!!! He always says "but I try" so I say "try harder"