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Greetings from Dallas!

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  • DanJoshMom DanJoshMom's Avatar 09-22-04 | 10:59 PM
  • I survived my presentation and got lots of positive feedback (from my own co-workers and also others attending!) I found some Tylenol Sinus, so I wasn't too stuffed up at the time, but sitting through the presentations in the morning was hard without getting up every 20 minutes to blow my nose!
    The only bad thing was I forgot to grab a water bottle before I had to talk, so my mouth was majorly dry afterwards. Then I chugged a bottle!

    This is a Web Developers Conference for work, so there are other techies from all around the country here. Many people I've worked with over the phone and now it's nice to put a face with a voice!

    I'll be here until Friday evening. Had good dinners the last two nights and we ate outside this evening enjoying the beautiful weather and great Italian food!
  • janney janney's Avatar 09-23-04 | 11:39 PM
  • Enjoy your time away from the daily grind!