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  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 09-04-09 | 09:50 AM
  • No, I haven't thought of it yet. We don't have any children's parties or festivals to attend, so she would really only wear a costume at home with us. Dh loves Halloween though, but he also waits till the last minute to decide what he wants to be, so I'm sure he will want to dress her up. We need take a glance at the costumes at BRU. If we had thought about it sooner & had the $$, we would have our Halloween party. Maybe next year?
  • raabta01 raabta01's Avatar 09-04-09 | 11:01 AM
  • Right now we're thinking Brobe from Yo Gaba Gaba.
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 09-04-09 | 04:17 PM
  • still thinking about it..I need to hit the shops and see whats out there and see what tickles my fancy..if that fails I'll order something someone mentioned before this will probably our last year having a choice what they will be, next year they will all definitely have firm ideas that they want to be
  • CarolleZ CarolleZ's Avatar 09-07-09 | 08:53 PM
  • Chloe's going to be a chicken. She's even learned the BOCK BOCK!
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 09-08-09 | 09:55 AM
  • I wanted her to be Little Bo Peep... Mike wants Snow White... and I also like a scarecrow.... my mom will make her costume so we have to be thinking soon!