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Hey Beth - how is your home life going?

Hey Beth - how is your home life going?

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  • JoanneE JoanneE's Avatar 09-19-04 | 11:43 AM
  • I was glad to see you post briefly in response to Katie that you and Rick are hanging in there. How are things going?

    And, how is Brandon at school? And the kitten?

  • Diane1212 Diane1212's Avatar 09-20-04 | 02:59 PM
  • I've been wondering about you too, how's everything going?
  • meeg 09-22-04 | 04:07 PM
  • Bump
  • BethandBrandon BethandBrandon's Avatar 09-23-04 | 10:02 AM
  • Thanks for bumping Meeg!! I missed this post!

    Things are GREAT! We are closer than we've been in years. He has been coming home from work on time and not going out at all! We've been doing family things and its made such a difference in our relationship. I also see how much closer Brandon has become to Rick and that is so nice. Rick sees it too. I'm very happy that we got back together. It was a rough road there for a while!

    Brandon has been SUPER in school. He loves it. I got his first progress report & he got all good marks. The teacher says he is slow in completeing his work in the allotted time frame, but always finishes before the end of the day and works very hard.

    Skylar the cat is a sweet heart. She sleeps with us at night, so we have four bodies in our bed now. Rick has really warmed to her and thinks she is pretty cool. She comes out during the evenings now and cuddles us so she isn't hiding all the time anymore. She is still pretty shy though.

    Thats about it around here. Sorry I haven't updated sooner!
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 09-23-04 | 01:15 PM
  • Sounds WONDERFUL!!!!!!

    Glad to hear it!

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