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Default How about an update?

How are our toddlers doing? are they saying new words? what are the crazy things they get up to that gives you heart failure or makes you smile

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is lovin her sweet baby girl
Therese, mama 2 Lucy
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Lucy is a week shy of 18mths
seriously where has the time gone to?? and like all the books say or everyone tells me the 18 mth mark seems to have brought out the chatter box in her
she is non stop in the last few days and although alot of it I'm straining to understand she knows what she is saying and what it is she wants. Her new words are cheese, book, boat, Pooh (as in winnie the pooh
), water and light (as in the light fixture). Now she has said all of these words but then refuses to say them again little minx

she has started with the meltdowns which I'm getting used to now and I just walk away and leave her to it. Everything is drama lately. She has decided to bounce on the couch and my heart is in my mouth as I'm having to move coffee tables etc out of the way so I'm not racing to the hospital with her
she has gotten so much more cuddly so she has been coming up to me and wrapping her arms around me for a cuddle
she adores her doggies too and rolls around on their bed with the dogs cuddling into her, she loves them so much they are her pals

oh she is also copying the dancing from Hi-5 and its so cute to see her dancing away trying to copy the dance moves - its such a amazing age stressful but tons of fun.

whose next?
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Braxton is 1 today. I cant believe it. He says Mama Dada Bubbub Kitty Bye Bye Nite Nite and Num Num. He is so rotten. He looks for stuff to get into and then just grins at you. He love to clean the tables off and unroll toilet paper
He is so in love with his big brother he looks for him every morning when he wakes up.
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Kendall is a little over 13 months now. She is walking more & more & is trying to pick the speed with it too. She reminds me of something out of a horror movie: legs locked, arms out for balance, and screeching as she goes, lol! She just started saying Baby the other day, and she does say stuff like Mama & Dada, but it's usually more like "mamamamamama" or "dadadadadada", does that count? She also knows a few baby-signs. She loves to get into stuff & to go exploring throughout the house. She has figured out how to turn the DVR box off when we are watching TV & thinks it's hilarious to turn it off & on while tell her "No, don't touch!" Oh, and the dog food! It's like her hand goes out at lightening speed as soon as you say "No!" She loves our dog, Skyy, and to be outdoors taking a ride in her buggy or just sitting on the porch watching cars go by.
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Athemia will be 1 on Sunday
She is starting to try and walk around and is getting better by the day! She is up to about 10 steps before she falls on her butt
She refuses to eat baby food anymore so it's all table foods from here on out I guess!

And she is SUCH a CLIMBER! She drives me nuts! She fell off the couch the other day and she has fallen off her sister's little kid recliner and almost off the little kid rocking chair
She just doesn't learn
And she's so QUICK! She canmake it up the steps almost as fast as her sister who walks up

She doesn't say much, but you can really tell she's trying! She says Mama, Dada, Baba (baby), she tries to say Douglas, but it sounds like Dada, and she says Sis (we call her sister Sissy, her name is Sienna)

My favorite thing is when she gives hugs. She says "A
and pats us on the back! It's just too cute!

Oh, and the other day she said Cookie, plain as day! I guess we know where her priorties lie
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