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How about an update on our 2009 babies?

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Old 08-24-10, 02:52 PM
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So glad to hear how well you all are doing. I've been SUPER busy with work and I swear I've been trying to get on here the last few months and check on the babies. Morgan turned 1 today and she is a mess! Def a big difference between her and big sis (8). She has her 12 month check up Thursday but I'm sure she's still around 20-21 lbs and wears a size 3 diaper. At her 9mo check up she was 27.5 in tall and its so funny how short she is compared to big sis. She is wearing 6-12, 9mo or 12 month. She is saying mama, nana, dada, look (we think, lol) and Jeff (jeh-dh). She is crusing pretty good and will only take an unassisted step if she can grab on the something pretty quick and close by. LOL Take care!!!
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Old 08-25-10, 11:01 AM
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OMG....what a cutie pie! Thanks for the update! Hope is really small too- still in 6-12 month sizes and probably only around 18 pounds.
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Old 08-26-10, 09:22 AM
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Kingston's b-day is coming Sept 10. Wow already! He's been crawling and pulling up for a while. Now he's started walking in short spurts here and there.
A few weeks ago he weighed 20lbs 6oz.
He's in a size 3 diaper and wears mismatched sized clothes. In tops and sleepers he wears 9-12m but in shorts he's still wears 3-6m. He has a tall torso.
He says dada and mama.
He's waved hi a few times.
He loves almost all toys and especially phones, laptops and remote controls.
He gets into everything. lol My oldest didn't really get into much, so I knew this one would be my little troublemaker!
He still sleeps in bed with us. (terrible I know) His bedroom is at the complete opposite end of the house and for some reason it gives me major anxiety thinking of putting him that far away. Or maybe its because he's my last baby and I want to cherish every minute. ???? He refuses to sleep through the night.. He wakes up multiple times, sometimes he'll even stay up for an hour or two to play. Ugh! Its adorable at first, then tiring!
He loves to put a blanket over his head while he's sitting and spin circles. Its so funny! Its like he's playing spinning peek a boo with a blanket.
He LOVES food. He's a very good eater and will not hesitate to let you know just how hungry he is!
He has 5 teeth and working on another one coming through.
He's a little climber. He likes to climb up the couches and through the dining room chair legs. He's my little monkey.
Growing up way too fast!
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Old 08-29-10, 10:00 PM
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Molly is 16 months old and a crazy little (and I mean little) whirling dervish as she swims like a fish and chases her big brothers. She climbs up the slides in our play set, dives into waves, gets knocked down and does it again because she loves water so much. It's terrifying!!!!

She has been walking since February (10 months) and she talks pretty well -- lots of words but some I'd have to translate for you.

She loves playing mommy to her babies. Her favorite activity is to put her dollies into the stroller and wheel them around the house. Then she takes them out, hugs and kisses them and puts them to bed!!


She's still tiny -- only a bit over 20 pounds. She's so tiny that her car seat is still backwards in the car.

I'm totally blissed out every day with her & her big brothers.
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Old 08-30-10, 09:42 AM
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I love hearing how our little ones are doing!

And for the record, Sarah, Alex is still rear-facing in his car seat, too, even though he's more than 25 pounds. He likes it that way and with his loosey-goosey-ness, we thought it was safest.
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