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Default How was your Mother's Day?

Mine was alright. I knew Dh didn't plan anything for me, he's too much of a procastinator & we didn't really have the extra $$ for anything elaborate. But he did get me a card, a book of inspirational quotes from women, and one of those DVD's with 4 chick-flicks in one. (but the book is actually geared for teenage girls...I don't think he noticed, lol)

We went to church with my parents & siblings. They had a baby dedication, so I was a little emotional during that. I was okay until tghe pastor started his speech about how children are a blessing, then I couldn't help myself. After church, we all went out to eat at Outback and it went pretty well. Dd only threw her sippy cup twice and ate all her food!

When we got home, we tried to get dd to take a nap, but that was a no go. I did get Dh to start a load of laundry (
) Then we took the dog to get her nails clipped & then we all went to a local park so dd could release some energy b/c she was being a challenge at home. (probably bored!) Then Dh cooked dinner & I unloaded the dishwasher & put away the clean ones. Dd helped me! She would had me silverware or a bowl and say "Jeeryjo, jeeryjo," it was so cute! (pretty sure it meant "here ya go")

After dinner Dh gave dd a bath. He said to me, "so, what? Am I doing all your chores today? Are you gonna mow the grass on Father's Day & work on the pool?" Uh, no! I'll hire someone though!

Oh, and the day before was my little sister's baby shower that my mom & I hosted. There was a lot of guests & guests who brought their kids....did not now they were bring the kids.
I think it went pretty well; lots of her friends said we did a good job. But it was hard to get all their attention sometimes b/c there was so many. And they trickled out too, so by the time we opened presents, there were only about 5 people left. Thankfully they also helped clean up & put away chairs!

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Sounds like a nice weekend

Our Sat plans ended up not happening so dh took us out for dinner for Mother's Day, since I had nothing planned for dinner (we were supposed to go to a party but it broke up earlier than we expected.)

Sunday I was fine until we got to church, I saw all the pregnant women, all the newborn babies and the first hymn we sang was one we sang at my Grandma's funeral that I've always liked to begin with and th elast verse talks about being in heaven. So of course I lost it. But after that I was fine the rest of the day. After church we went home and ate, put the kids down for a nap and only Sienna slept (no suprise!), then later we went out for dinner with MIL, SIL, and my niece and nephew bc it was my nephew's b-day. We were supposed to go to Red Lobster, but there was a 45 minute wait so we went to Famous Dave's instead and the food was great!
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Mine was fine. Dh got me a digital picture frame, which was ok, but I would have been happier if he'd found some time to have the kids color something for me. I don't really care about getting a real gift - just want the kids to have the lesson that they need to do something thoughtful on special days!

We went to the gym and then took the boys swimming in the pool after our workouts. In the late afternoon we met my parents for dinner, and that went pretty well too. All in all a decent day.
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Mike worked on Mother's Day and I worked the night before so all morning was a waste. My mom and I met up around 3:00 for an early dinner at Crazy Tomato (a fabulous local Italian restaurant) and shopped for a bit.

Today Mike said we were celebrating Mother's Day so we went to Olive Garden and I went to the eye doctor afterwards (haha!) and when I came back out to the car Mike and Avery gave me a Nikon D5000 camera!
I almost fell over!
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Mothers Day was good. The kids woke me up early and gave me their cards they had made in school, and we snuggled in bed for a few mins. Then DH told them to scram, and I went back to sleep until 2pm! That was wondeful. We had a cookout in the evening and the In Laws came down, so that was nice. Overall, it was a nice day. I asked to sleep in and asked for an I-Tunes card, and I got both; so it was a good day!
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