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I have been gone, but I have some good news

I have been gone, but I have some good news

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  • DanJoshMom DanJoshMom's Avatar 03-07-05 | 04:52 PM
  • I love you plans! How great would it be to have the laundry on the second floor!!! I thought having it on the main floor was better than the basement (which it is) but all the way upstairs, that's great!

    Are the girls excited?
  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 03-07-05 | 04:52 PM
  • I can't wait! Katie and I can't wait for her to finally get her own room! Right now she shares one with Jenny and Danielle. She wants the bigger one with the walk in closet and I told her though that Jenny and Danielle will probably get that one since they will be rooming together.
  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 03-07-05 | 04:53 PM
  • Katie is, but she has been worried and asking to make sure she can finish the school year out where she is. Which she will be. I just keep assuring her we aren't moving till summer and she will graduate Kindy at her current school.
  • Paula74 Paula74's Avatar 03-08-05 | 10:53 AM
  • Congrats, Wendy. SOunds very exciting, and stressful!!
  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 03-08-05 | 12:59 PM
  • Yep, I keep thinking of all we have to do. Not only getting this house ready to sell in about 3 weeks, but I need to find new doctors, dentists, preschool for Jenny, enroll Katie in her new school and probably a number of other things. Uggh!

    Btw....An update.......dh talked to the lender and they should be calling dh back by the end of today and letting him know if they can approve us for the amount we want.

    I hate waiting!