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I may have to call the police

I may have to call the police

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  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 03-09-06 | 02:32 PM
  • We bought this house and part of our property has a cobblestone road on it. The part of that road that meets the main road (the road we live on) has a gate on it. It's locked by the fire dept. Basically it's our property and we have agreed to give the fire dept. access to it in an emergency. (There is a lake in our part of the neighborhood and if ever flooded we would all be trapped.)

    Well, everyone in the neighborhood uses it and thinks it's a walking trail. (Which makes dh mad, but we knew that would happen when we bought the lot....We just wanted to make sure there would be a gate so that cars and 4 wheelers couldn't get on it. If they did and hit someone walking, since it's our property we could get sued.)

    Well, most everyone but one lady with her dog and this one guy on his bike go around the side of the gate that is not our property. Mainly because there is no house built there yet. So, to go around our side they have to go through our yard. Well, we planted 3 small azaelas there and this guy on his bike ran right over them and broke branches of 2 of them in doing so. Well, so we didn't see him for awhile. (weather got cold.) We planted some taller holly bushes last weekend. Then it's warm again and I saw him yesterday. I was standing on my pouch talking to someone selling magazine and he must have saw me and went the other way. (the other property, not our side.)

    Well, today I was in the kitchen and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I got to a window I looked and it was this guy and he was coming down the hill by the one little plant we still have there. (we are more taller ones in this weekend.) By the time I got my slow pregnancy butt out there he was down the other side of the hill on the road. Tomorrow dh is working from home and if either one of see him (he came today and yesterday around the same time, between 12 and 1:30) we are going to go out there and confront him and tell him next time we see him we will call the police. See, when they were building the house we use to always see him biking in the neighborhood with cut off jean shorts and no shirt. One time when me and the other ladies at the bus stop were talking to one of our city police (they monitor our neighborhood, since it's the biggest in their city) we asked them about this guy. The police said they know he doesn't live in the neighborhood, but so far besides biking with no shirt they can't do anything, because he hasn't done anything wrong. Well, now he is! :rant

    Here are some pictures of the road/gate on our street that I am takling about to help you better understand what I am talking about.

    Here is the gate before the brick coloums were built, but it is the only picture that I have that shows the property next to us too.


    Here is it with the coloums and our yard a bit more finished.


  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 03-09-06 | 02:49 PM


    What a jerk!
    I would do the same thing! How ridiculous that he doesn't see how thoughtless he is being!
  • janney janney's Avatar 03-10-06 | 08:18 PM
  • Where does the cobblestone road lead to?

    Can you fence your property?

    I would try to do something to avoid this happening. When we bought new we loved having a new home but hated how invaded we felt with workers milling in and out of our subdivision.
  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 03-11-06 | 11:20 AM
  • The road goes to the another section of the neighborhood. (the pricier homes. lol ) If you are standing infront of the gate and looking down it....It's 20 feet wide total. 10 feet to the right side is ours and the other 10 feet of to the left is the empty lot for sale still. We can't put a fence on the road because if the fire department had to drive it's truck on it they would just drive over it and knock it down. We are planted a few more plants and going to plant some junipers on the hill where the pine straw is. It will all look nice and serve it's purpose once it grows. It's just the waiting till it all grows. LOL
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 03-13-06 | 11:35 PM
  • I don't suppose "No Tresspassing" signs would work?

    How about Holly bushes planted up each side for a ways? They have super sharp leaves.

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