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I may have to call the police

I may have to call the police

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  • harquak harquak's Avatar 03-14-06 | 11:57 AM
  • Are you still having problems? I know how you feel - we had a lot of problems when we first moved here with the 4 wheelers using our back yard as a pass through. It was all empty field before our builder developed - so even though it was private property people still used it at free will. Now that there have been houses here for three years it is not so much a problem anymore... if that makes you feel any better - how long has it been since your house was built there?

    PS by the way - you have a beautiful home!!

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  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 03-15-06 | 09:56 AM
  • Sorry, I haven't replied. I have been busy printing out hotel costs and pet boarding places, etc....(whole nother long story, but basically we may have to live in a hotel for 2 weeks soon.)

    Our house was finished being built in Aug. last year. We didn't see that guy Friday or this week. So, we will just have to keep an eye out.