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Joseph dropped something

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  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 07-29-11 | 11:35 AM
  • on his left big toe. I noticed it was bluish a couple of days ago at swimming but he is such a little speed demon I haven't gotten a good look at it till today. He definately has a bruised big toe and I'm wondering if he didn't make it worse yesterday. DH said he dropped his bathroom stool on a toe. I wonder if that's what he dropped on it in the first place.
    The way it looks now I'd bet money he could lose part or all of the toenail. Poor kid. He's so rough and tumble and usually has bruises from his shenanigans. Sometimes he wants cuddles when he gets a bump, sometimes he screams and doesn't want anyone touching him but most of the time he just bounces back and keeps going. Oh the joy of childhood.
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 07-29-11 | 06:21 PM
  • Hope fell on the couch last night and fell right on the corner of the side that is hard....we were supposed to get her 2 year and Ryan's six month pics today, but we can't because she has a black eye!!! Feeling your pain!
Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
lauralkemp (07-30-11)
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 07-29-11 | 07:18 PM
  • Joseph gave himself a black eye right before we went to Disneyland. Luckily it wasn't to bad looking in the pictures.
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 07-30-11 | 07:54 AM
  • Oh no! I hope they are both ok! My kids have been extra clumsy lately. Erin tripped and fell headfirst into a closed bedroom door and Michael tripped and hit his head on a gate. They both have bruised bumps on the foreheads now along with all the bumps and bruises on their legs from their normal trips and falls!
Thank you teddybear1082!
lauralkemp (07-30-11)