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Age? 19 months

Height and weight? Not sure. 32+ lbs. I need to weigh him so I know when he hits 35 lbs and needs to forward face in his carseat.

Clothes size? Quickly outgrowing his 3T clothes. Some are too small and others are getting there

Shoe size? 8 I think?

Diapers? Size 5 paper diap

How's potty training going? Haven't even thought about it!

Favorite toy? He loves his trains, cars and ball toys. He also loves his shape sorter!

Favorite movie/tv show? He loves Baby Einstein shows!

Favorite food? Any fruit or veggie he can get his hands on! He also enjoys yogurt, cottage cheese and milk.

Anything else you wanna add? Everett is talking so much now. Saying new words daily. He's also a very active child. He just learned to climb into my big soaked tub! If he survives his childhood I'll be grateful!
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Age? 36 mths
Height and weight? 39inches and 37lbs (I think)
Clothes size? 2-3yrs but in some 3-4yrs.
Shoe size? 8/9
How's potty training going? It isn't
we got over the fear of the toilet which was great and she'll sit on the toilet, all day if need be but won't pee or poo in it. Not sure what to do really, am at a loss how to proceed. Any thoughts from experienced moms?
Favorite toy? Daddy's iphone
she loves to play ball at the moment and building stuff with her mega blocks. She also loves jigsaws.
Favorite movie/tv show? oh lord, Mickey Mouse Club House and I'm losing the plot with it.
Favorite food? She has gone off her food completely in the last few weeks, complete control issues I think so I've been trying to not freak out and be cool with it. She loves potatoe waffles with garlic sauce (gross) and chicken with gravy and what we call chips and you call fries
she'd eat them all day if I let her but I won't even when she doesn't eat.
Anything else you wanna add? everyone loves her..she has a wonderful nature about her and she is really coming out of her shell now. She is so funny, what she comes out with every day has both DH and me in stitches laughing at her. She adores our dogs, calls them her babies and drives them insane trying to choke hold them, her idea of giving them hugs. We are going to put her in montessori in January we hope -that's what we call kindergarten. She loves company so it won't be an issue for her and hopefully it will help with the potty training. My SIL knows the owner and has no problem taking her without being potty trained.

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Age? 27 months

Height and weight? 33.75" and 24 pounds

Clothes size? 18 months-24 months

Shoe size? 5

Diapers? 4

How's potty training going? Not ready yet

Favorite toy? Matchbox cars, pretend dishes set

Favorite movie/tv show? Blue's Clues, Barney or MM

Favorite food? She will eat anything we give her, but loves french fries

Anything else you wanna add? Im still amazed at all she is doing, talking, climbing, playing with sisters, puzzles, etc. After having Lexy, who has Autism, I forgot how active toddlers really are; and all they get into. And her temper is something fierce. Timeouts are regular here. But, she can sing all her ABC, count to 20, can say all her body parts, talks in sentences, whew! My hands are full!!!
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Age? Molly is 20 months (April 13)
Height and weight? She is 22 pounds -- a peanut in the 10th %
Clothes size? 12months
Shoe size? 4
Diapers? 4, but they are big
How's potty training going? She's training herself some days, other days ignoring it.
Favorite toy? Her doll houses and dolly stroller
Favorite movie/tv show? Elmo anything!
Favorite food? yogurt, oreos, milk, carrots, peas and pizza
Anything else you wanna add? Little Pink still wears pink every day!

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Name - Lila
Age? - 18 months, almost 19 months!
Height and weight? - At her last appt, 22lbs and 30inches
Clothes size? - Primarily 18 months
Shoe size? - 5, but some 4's
Diapers? - 4
How's potty training going? - We've only introduced the potty recently. As of right now, we have her sit on it whenever I go to the bathroom and before her bath every night.
Favorite toy? - Crayons! And her pink Build-A-Bear.
Favorite movie/tv show? - Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba, The Wiggles, most anything on Sprout
Favorite food? - Bananas!
Anything else you wanna add? - Just loving life as a mommy! I enjoy watching Lila grow everyday, especially as she learns new words. I don't view her as a baby anymore! She is definitely a TODDLER! Wow!
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