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Lyla may have a UTI too!

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  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 09-04-09 | 06:27 AM
  • i've had a heck of a few days... tues night lyla woke up with a 104 fever-- it has been up and down since then, no appetite, won't drink anything-- sounds just like Kendall.

    I took her to the dr yesterday and they sent me home to get a urine sample- talk about stress.... I finally got one at 8:30pm..... taking it in this morning for a quick test before then send it out for analysis-- I really hope they give me an antibiotic and don't make me wait-- it really has to be it.....

    she was up at 5am with another 104 fever-- I just got her back to sleep... but I was all freaked about about everything kendall's mom said too-- so this post makes me feel a bit better....

    Lyla fell back asleep- so I hope she can rest up and be thirsty when she wakes up again- i've been forcing her to drink and it's been horrible!!!

    keep you posted- going in at 8:30am....
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 09-04-09 | 08:47 AM
  • Oh poor Lyla.... and Kendall! I hope they give you some antibiotics and it fixes it quickly!
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 09-04-09 | 09:04 AM
  • Oh, poor Lyla! They sent you home to get a urine sample? We had to sit in the ped's office with her wearing a urine bag for a LONG time.

    Yesterday I took her back in so they could do another urinalysis since she started the antibiotics on Monday. Of course, she wouldn't drink the juice I brought! So you know how we got her to pee? There was a sink near the room they put us, so I put Kendall on the counter & turned on the warm water & let her play in it with her feet & hands for about 3 minutes......the urine bag practically overflowed! They said her urine looked fine, but that they would send another sample out for a urine culture. They also said the doctor won'y send us for an ultrasound on her bladder until after the meds are done. I am kinda hoping they don't send us at all. Kendall is starting to remember what doc office, nurse, etc look like and she does NOT like them!

    Hope Miss Lyla feels better soon! The antibiotics do seem to be working for Miss Kendall!

    Last edited by MrsS1stbaby; 09-04-09 at 09:10 AM..
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 09-04-09 | 04:37 PM
  • aw poor Lyla and poor you
    you have both been through the mill. I hope you get answers asap and you can get some antibiotics into her quickly so she can be back to her happy self. I can't imagine the stress of getting a urine sample

    glad to hear Miss Kendall is feeling better and what a way to get her sample
    at least you got the job done

    feel better soon babies
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 09-04-09 | 09:23 PM

    thanks ladies-- it's been a heck of a day...

    so I got the urine sample by letting her play in the tub with me- they wanted a 'clean' catch- so they didnt want to use a bag-- but any who- the real stress was getting her to drink enough!

    so this morning- we dropped off her sample and it showed signs of everything- so they put her on an antibiotic- but after 2 hrs she got lethargic, fever spiked back up, and she was NOT herself- so they sent us to the er-- they drew blood *not fun- took 2 tried
    but thankfull showed no signs of kidney issues- but they are worried of a virus on top of a uti... so.... we sat for a while, gave her an iv, and a dose of iv antibiotics- then we;ll start back on the others tomorrow...

    what a whirlwind... so exhausted!

    but she certainly has perked up some- and drank some fluids tonight and ate a 1/2 of a pbj- so that was good...

    ahhh motherhood

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