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Mialee is officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!

Mialee is officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!

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  • Grateful Dad Grateful Dad's Avatar 03-23-11 | 10:56 AM
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife decided about 2 months ago-when Mialee turned 2 1/2-that the best way to get her to start using the potty was to take off her diapers and put her in underwear. I was apprehensive about it working so I told her that if she wants to do it then she gets to clean up the mess. Well she proved me wrong.

    First we took Mialee to the store with us and let her pick out her undies. Of course she chose Dora the Explorer undies and we made a big deal about it so she would get excited to wear them. It worked. So in the evenings when she would get home from the sitter we would pull her aside and discuss what was expected her of her and explain that Big Girl undies are not diapers and that she is not to go pee pee or poopy in them. We went over the process and how she is supposed to come tell us when she needs to go.

    It worked really well at first but there were occassions where she would miss and go in her undies. She felt the difference immediatelly with how it felt wearing wet undies and I think this helped put it into her mind that she does not like it and does not want to do it. We praised her when she did well and when she did not do well we sat her aside and explained why it it better to use the Big Girl Toilet. We even went out and bought Gerber Fruit Candies that she only gets when she successfully uses the potty. She gets 1 fruit candy when she goes pee pee and 2 when she goes poopy.

    She started doing so well that we advised the sitter that we were going to start her going without diapers at her house too. She had a rougher start there, probably because she was more distracted by playing with other kids than she was at home, but before long she would only make a mistake once every two days on average.

    Yesterday was a big test. We took her to the zoo and left her in her undies. The car ride was 45 minutes and she made it the whole way without going. We went in the rest room once we were there and then she went the next 2 hours with nothing. Then after we did the Carosel ride she tells us; "I gotta go poopy!" so we tell her to hold it as we rush across the park to the rest room. She held it all the way there and waited until she was on the toilet to go. Even after that she made it back home again and slept through a 2 hour nap without even going pee pee!

    She's doing so well and is the only toddler her age at the day care in undies! So proud of her! Good thing my wife was there to suggest switching to undies otherwise I would probably still be putting diapers on her!
  • raabta01 raabta01's Avatar 03-23-11 | 11:03 AM
  • Good for her (and you), enjoy the extra money you'll have that used to go to diapers!

    Is she doing ok overnight?

    My son is fine during the day but is on the tail end of wearing pull-ups overnight still.
  • Grateful Dad Grateful Dad's Avatar 03-23-11 | 11:09 AM
  • At night we are still using pull ups. We have been researching night time potty training tips and perhaps we will give them a try soon.
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 03-23-11 | 01:15 PM
  • That's great, way to go!

    Kendall is doing very well with wearing her undies during the day & not having accidents. I can take her to stores, out to eat, etc and she will tell us when she needs to go. But she still refuses to go poo on the potty, but she also has not gone in her undies. Instead she asks for a diaper, but she is also holding it to where she is only going every 2-3 days. I know it will come in time and am not pushing it or else she end up holding it for longer which is unhealthy. She still wears a diaper at night & for naps, but her daycare tells me they have been letting her nap in her undies and she hasn't had an accident. I think the difference is the amount of liquid she has at daycare compared to home. And since it is still so new, I am not pushing it too much. My friend limits her dd's liquid intake & doesn't allow her to have anything to drink when it's a hour away from her bedtime. But how do I say no to my little princess when she comes out of her room after I've put her down & she says she is thirsty & wants milk? I can't say no! LOL

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