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Not again! Flu Vaccine shortage AGAIN!

Not again! Flu Vaccine shortage AGAIN!

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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 10-12-04 | 05:27 PM
  • I know I'm overreacting. Thing is, I am tired all the time because I sleep so poorly, and just thinking about being even more tired because I am sick or being up all night with sick kids makes my stomach hurt!

    Costco has a clinic scheduled for Thurs & I am going to try to get it then. I know I shouldn't but I'm going to anyway.
  • JoanneE JoanneE's Avatar 10-12-04 | 06:06 PM
  • **on soapbox**

    Please don't ask your doctor to give you a flu shot if you're not in a high risk group. The flu shots we have are needed for people who have high risk of serious complications or DEATH if they catch the flu. I know the flu is unpleasant, but most of us aren't going to die from it. The shot you get is a shot that could save the life or your (or someone else's) grandmother. Please save the shots for those who really need them.

    **off soapbox**

    I was at Costco the weekend before the Chiron news (about the tainted vaccines) and they had a flu shot clinic. I didn't get one because I was in a hurry and Kaiser usually has them for free. Oh well! I guess I missed my chance.

    The CDC has ordered that all clinics for the general public be cancelled and that the shots be given only to high-risk people. I hope they can enforce it.

    As usual, Nurse Meg is right on the mark: WASH YOUR HANDS!

  • meeg 10-12-04 | 06:22 PM
  • Natalie just had her 2m appt yesterday so I got a chance to ask the peditrician about it and she said they were being fined $500 per patient if they give the shot to some one who doesn't meet the high risk requirements. I'm not sure who is fining them I didn't think to ask that, LOL.

    I guess technically the household members of an infant fit in that high risk category but our Ped didn't seem thrilled to want to give it to all of us she said they might not have enough to cover their own compromised patients. Also she said the batch that was destroyed was the mercury free stuff so that is unavailable this season.
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 10-12-04 | 06:33 PM
  • I agree high-risk people should get it before me. But what about all the vaccines they throw down the drain because they are "saving" them for the high-risk people? I don't think the CDC going to call me & tell me if they have extras! Last year we had Kaiser & they cancelled my appt the day before we were to come in. I know they had it available but they were saving them. By that time (December) it was all over the news and if their high-risk patients hadn't come in by that time it you know they weren't going to! Kaiser also kept changing their minds. Kaiser Panorama CIty had a clinic for the general public but in the AV they wouldn't let me get it...and I didn't know PCity had it until after the clinic. I know they ended up throwing a whole lot away and my family got sick because they were hoarding it for people who didn't want it anyway! County clinics were just as bad. I called every one in the AV & one day they say they wouldn't let my family get it and the next day one said we could. I ended up taking them to a crowded county clinic where Rachel thru up because the nurse was such a b*tch & made her cry but it was too late anyway, they both got sick the day after they got the shot.

    So screw it. Why should I go thru that again or risk getting sick so they can hoard it for people who don't want it anyway?
  • Wendyskids Wendyskids's Avatar 10-12-04 | 10:58 PM
  • Back in September before the announcement at Christine's 9 month check up she recommended since Katie is in school that I get Christine her flu shot. So, I did. It was a two shot deal and I just got her second one last weekend.