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Picky eater

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  • Adavis51912 03-13-16 | 05:00 AM
  • My three year old will only eat French fries, popcorn and junk food. He refuses to try new things. Any advice?
  • valleymom 05-13-16 | 09:28 PM
  • My baby's first food at 4 months was organic apple sauce. As a first time mom, i was kind of paranoid on what to feed my baby. So i chose organic , then purified water after meal. She was still drinking 3-4 bottles of milk. Later, I pureed veggies , at first try she seemed not to like it, but she got used to it. Now, she's almost 19 months and she is not a picky eater. No junk food at home. If she gets to eat hamburger it's grass fed beef. You can check spouts or trader joe's for affordable produce