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Plane Trip

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  • ~babywanted~ ~babywanted~'s Avatar 07-20-08 | 06:54 PM
  • So, Thursday I am taking the 2 kids solo up to Monterey (about an hour plane ride). It is my 20th Hight School Reunion! I so don't feel that old
    My mom lives in the area and my 2 sisters are each coming down and my niece & nephew. I'll be there 4 days. I'm a bit nervous about the "travel" part. I'm getting a hotel as my mom's place can't hold all of us. And, I have to rent a car as my mom's car can't hold the kids' car seats. So, it is going to be an expensive trip. And, it is my 38th birthday next Sunday. I splurged and bought a brand new double stroller online that I'm praying will be here before I leave. It is a Peg Perego Aria Twin. It super pretty and super light. I wanted to have it for the airport and plus I've always wanted a nice stroller. And I got a great deal and saved myself about $80! I haven't booked the hotel or the car yet. I was thinking about doing priceline but want to get a suite and I don't think I can get that with priceline. Do any of you know?

    So, I'll post pictures when I get back and hope I survive
  • jesswho jesswho's Avatar 07-20-08 | 06:57 PM
  • For the hotel and the car, I suggest using Orbitz or Expedia to see which companies seem to have the best deals and then go directly to the company website. They almost always are a couple dollars cheaper than the travel sites (the travel sites are charging a fee on top).

    Oh, and congrats on the stroller. We have the Aria single and LOVE it!
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 07-20-08 | 07:34 PM

    Happy Birthday Laura! and have fun at your reunion!! I hope the travel goes smoothly for you and you get your stroller asap!! Can't wait to see pics!
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 07-20-08 | 09:27 PM
  • have a great time, and happy bday. take a ton of pics for us too