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Sharyn, tell us about Rachel's party!

Sharyn, tell us about Rachel's party!

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  • judyrox 12-19-04 | 11:02 PM
  • How many people did you have? Did you get to have fun, too, or was it too hectic? Give us the scoop!
  • tjmom tjmom's Avatar 12-20-04 | 03:54 PM
  • Yes inquiring minds want to know!
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 12-20-04 | 06:15 PM
  • It was hectic but fun & I think the kids all had fun. I bought waaaaay too much food, I must have thrown out about 2/3 of it. Everybody loved the pizza bread though!

    We had 20 kid guests & 19 adult guests but 2 families (relatives) came early & left earlier, and then 1 came just to bring a gift & only stayed about 1/2 hr because they had company over. I thought it was sweet of them to bring the gift! So it was a managable crowd! It was about 60 degrees (no wind thank goodness!) & we had the bouncer & swingset plus I took out some of the non-destructable toys to play with & most people stayed outside. We tried games but they didn't work too well. Rachel had the idea of a ringtoss over a unicorn horn & that was ok, but they all cheated on the pin-the-horn-on the unicorn game so I gave up on that one. I was about to start doing hot-potato but somebody mentioned they had to leave soon so we did the cake instead. Then I forgot to get out the pinata! :duh: Oh well, the girls are in school on Tues/Thurs this week so I'm going to see if I can bring it to do in the classroom on Tues.

    Rachel got a ton of loot. I didn't even give her our gifts because there was too much stuff! She got 2 luv cubs & right away gave one to Leanna who loves it so that worked out great. Both grandmas also brought gifts for Leanna so she didn't feel too left out but I did have to remind her a few times that her birthday is coming up in 2 months.

    This morning I woke up with my head spinning! Too much excitement??
    I'm ok now & I've spent all day getting rid of trash & also trying to get rid of some of the old toys...since my girlies are preoccupied with the new stuff. Rachel still saw me hauling a bag out to the garage but I promised her I was just saving it to make room & not throwing it out. I"m saving it for the goodwill
  • tjmom tjmom's Avatar 12-20-04 | 06:55 PM
  • Sounds like it turned out great!
  • janney janney's Avatar 12-20-04 | 07:35 PM
  • I always throw out toys when my kids are not looking with the promise that they are going into the basement! Emma got a Luv Cub for her birthday and she really does play with it!

    I am glad it was a fun time for all!