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so excited

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  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 04-28-08 | 08:49 PM
  • For this weekend. We are baptixing the kids, both of them, and having a party after. Mike's granfather raised him, and he lives in Oklahoma. they, him and his new wife, came out when Ava was born, but we have not seen them since. Mike truly admires him, hes a great man, but getting old. hes 86, but acts like a 40 year old, very spunky. we are so excited to see them, and they can't wait to see and meet Gavin , and see how ava has turned out. we talk weekly, and send pic all the time, but htey are gonna get a real kick out of Ava and her goofy persponality. she is a real ham, and can make a crown laugh all day long. Ava sees his pics, Pa and Gammy, she calls them ,ane keeps talkin gabout them coming to her party. {she does not accpt it is for GAvin too}. so they fly in saturday afternnon, and we will go to airport to see them. Saturday can't come soon enough for us!
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 04-28-08 | 10:10 PM
  • Sounds like it'll be great! What did you end up doing about the food?
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 04-29-08 | 09:33 AM
  • that sounds awesome Diane! I hope you have a great visit!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 04-29-08 | 09:34 AM
  • how exciting
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 04-29-08 | 11:38 AM
  • I am sure it will be a wonderful visit!