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Where is baby sleeping? Print Version

Valleygirl 02-13-09 12:08 PM

Where is baby sleeping?
So where are the babes sleeping?

Danielle is in a basinett next to our bed at night, sometimes I bring her into bed after her feeding between 3 & 4 am. She sleeps in her crib, on us, her swing, or the car for naps.

lauralkemp 02-13-09 03:50 PM

usually Joseph sleeps in his bassinet by our bed. He naps in his carrier downstairs and right now he's sleeping next to me because he has been having bad gas he's most comfortable on his belly.

Dopey406 02-13-09 07:10 PM

Alex sleeps in the bassinet next to our bed at night and in the bouncer during the day.

LadyRebekahMomAlot 02-16-09 10:39 PM

Aria sleeps in bed either on me or next to me. She has a lovely bassinet next to our bed that she refuses to sleep in for now. Mine usually stay in the bed w/ me for the first couple of weeks until they are sleeping better, and nursing less frequently in the night.

MMK9987 06-24-11 09:00 PM

when my son was younger he had a pack n play that he slept in next to me in my room I never slept with him I just did not feel comfortable doing so he is now 16 months old and he will not sleep anywhere but his crib if you even try to lay down in bed with him he will not go to sleep