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Susan 09-02-09 10:25 AM

breastfeeding and solids
if you are nursing and feeding solids can you share your schedule with me.. like when do you give cereal/veggies/ you mix them? how many times a day? do you nurse first or after?


Dopey406 09-02-09 10:48 AM

Alex gets solids around 2pm (we nurse at 3pm for afternoon snooze) and around 9pm (he nurses again at bedtime which is about 10-10:30 right now).

He gets 4 cubes of solids (I make my baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays) mixed with oatmeal. He doesn't do well with food that's too runny. He prefers it to be a bit thicker so I mix the oatmeal in and he does much better.

Mrs.Emily 09-02-09 02:37 PM

John gets solids around 11 am. He usually gets them about 30 min after nursing. He gets about 3 cubes mixed with oatmeal, he and Alex are alike, he doesn't like them too runny!

He also may get them around 5 (about 2 hours before bedtime) depending on his mood. Sometimes, he's not interested in eating solids that late in the day!

holly302 09-02-09 07:17 PM

I was still nursing Lola when she started on solids. We nursed first and then I would offer her solids in the afternoon..roughly one jar's worth. Lola did not like rice or oatmeal and she actually preferred it to be a bit runny. :huh:

Shortly after we had her on solids after her morning nurse, afternoon and eventually nighttime as well. 3 jars a day or 8-10cubes on the homemade stuff (i didnt do that for very long though)

Although I dont nurse Jake now, he takes solids first thing in the morning and then takes a bottle. He seems to prefer his solids first. He also eats solids in the evening. I do not do any solids for lunch..probably in another month or so I will do that.

hope this helps. :)

Oreo 09-02-09 11:39 PM

Molly does her am nurse (8am) and then has breakfast (cereal, EMB and fruit) around 10:30, then nurses again.
She nurses during the day and then she gets another meal (same stuff) at around 11pm so she can get through the night.

2.5 tablespoons of cereal mix,
3/4-1ounce of EBM
1/2 jar of fruit