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No Way!! Print Version

mac71 08-30-10 05:00 AM

No Way!!
this is all I hear nowadays :hpull: anything I ask Lucy to do she replies with No Way or if I ask for a kiss or a hug she pushes me away and says No Way ... it's like having a mini teenager in the house. She is fiercely independent now and will only do what she wants to do :lol: anyone else dealing with similar issues?

I just love our conversations we are having, she can talk about everything and anything and the latest obsession is Santa Claus and presents :rolleyes: she knows all about Christmas thanks to a Tigger & Pooh dvd she found a few weeks back, she watches it over and over so everyday she wakes up asking if Santa came with her presents!!!

I know we update on FB with photos but maybe we could post some new photos of our little ones??

savannah33 08-30-10 08:15 AM

So stinking cute! :grin:

~Kelli~ 08-30-10 08:18 AM



MrsS1stbaby 08-30-10 08:18 AM

hahahaha, so cute-but I know it must be frustrating! Kendall is definitely the boss around here. She will tell you where to sit, hand you the color crayon she thinks you should have & take away the one you chose yourself, and tells us that she is done taking a nap when she didn't even go to sleep at all.

rudolphia 08-30-10 08:29 AM

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Lu is the same - very independent!

Yes, let's post pics! Here's Lukas :)