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Let's give a Toddler Update Print Version

brandimichelle 12-07-10 09:06 PM

Let's give a Toddler Update
How big are our toddlers now?

Height and weight?
Clothes size?
Shoe size?
How's potty training going?
Favorite toy?
Favorite movie/tv show?
Favorite food?
Anything else you wanna add?

lauralkemp 12-07-10 09:37 PM

Age? 22 months
Height and weight?not sure..should of had him weighed today at WIC appt.
Clothes size? 24/2t pants and shirts
Shoe size?7
How's potty training going?we hit a wall, He doesn't want to sit on it this week.
Favorite toy?Pillow pet
Favorite movie/tv show?Calliou/Good Night Show on Sprout
Favorite food?Bananas
Anything else you wanna add?
His vocabulary is expanding every day...This week so far he's added Bless you(ess you) and airplane

potts00 12-07-10 11:08 PM

Age? 17 months
Height and weight? 31 1/2 in. and 21 1/2 lbs.
Clothes size? 18 months (but a little big, fit in height not weight)
Shoe size? 5
Diapers? 3
How's potty training going? I am starting tomorrow actually. Some say she is too young, but I am a sahm, and I think she is ready. Wish me luck!
Favorite toy? books, any kind of ball, baby dolls, we also do the "Baby Can Read" (she loves it and it works so well)
Favorite movie/tv show? Dora
Favorite food? not much of anything - cereal, grahm crackers, peanut butter

rudolphia 12-07-10 11:23 PM


Age? 33 months
Height and weight? 39 inches and 34 lb. roughly
Clothes size? 3T - some of the shirts are getting to be too small because he's so long
Shoe size? 9.5
Diapers? 5
How's potty training going? Uh, yeah, no. His brother is 4 and is still spotty. We haven't even started with Lu.
Favorite toy? Thomas trains
Favorite movie/tv show? Team Umizoomi
Favorite food? French Toast
Anything else you wanna add? We recently learned that Lukas has Sensory Integration Dysfunction and some fine motor and speech delays. He's making progress with therapy, and just got approved for Early Intervention services at home. He'll start special-ed preschool through the school district on his birthday in March.

lynn012 12-07-10 11:54 PM

How big are our toddlers now?

Age? 12 months
Height and weight? 29.5 in and 25 pounds 14 oz
Clothes size? 12 to 24 months
Shoe size? 3
Diapers? 4/5
How's potty training going? havent started
Favorite toy? cars
Favorite movie/tv show? Ni Hao Kalan
Favorite food? Anything
Anything else you wanna add? Xavier is the youngest of the toddlers.. :) He just turned 1 last month :)